Slide the City

IMG_6761 (1024x765)1) G and Barb cruise Burrard Inlet near Port Moody

Back before the rains arrived, we spent a day on the water near Port Moody kayaking in and around a log jam that’s home to a family of harbour seals. It was a lovely day despite the regular sound of pile driving on shore as the province continues to construct the new Evergreen Line that will expand Translink’s lightrail reach to Coquitlam.

2) here’s a video I shot of a harbour seal and pup taking a dive upon my too-close arrival to their sunbathing

IMG_6768 (1024x765)

3) hey! wait up for me G, Barb & Darrin!

IMG_6769 (1024x765)

4) G gets in closer to the seals

The following weekend, during the height of this summer’s water restrictions and days of no rain, we participated in Slide the City, North Vancouver. The Slide the City crew essentially brings in a gi-normous water slide and plops it down on a city’s main hilly street – in this case Lonsdale – and let’s you be a kid again. Tons of fun this event and certainly worth trying if they land in your hometown.

IMG_6812 (1024x765)

5) I’m ready to go!

IMG_6805 (1024x765)

6) the line-up to have your tube blown up (I managed to inflate mine long before I ended up at the front of the line)

IMG_6816 (765x1024)

7) the line to access the slide was long but it was beautifully sunny so no worries

IMG_6820 (1024x765)

8) getting closer now … in the corrals … you can see downtown Vancouver over on the other side of Burrard Inlet

IMG_6824 (1024x765)

9) at the gate, G is ready to take the 1000 foot slide down hill

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  1. The water slide is a great idea!

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