Courtyard Cafe Musings

G and I visited the Windsor Arms today for a less-than-spectacular Winterlicious lunch. Granted, gorgeous surroundings but I can only agree with G on his assessment of this meal. 

1) inside the Courtyard Cafe

The musings:
1) the Soup of the Day (Potato and Leek) was no different than what you’d get out of a Campbell’s can;
2) the Fire Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Parfait, Roasted Beets & Russet Potato finished with Baby Arugula & Walnut Oil was far too heavy and was overpowered by the walnut oil. We’ve made something quite similar at home with better results. Note: my course was missing the beets!;
3) water glass was filthy (granted waiter topped up perrier gratis on discovering this);
the Pan Roasted Cornish Hen with Curried Napa Cabbage and Soy Orange Vinaigrette was just not a good mix of favours. It did not go well together;
Cod Two Ways Seared Black Cod and Root Vegetable Escabèche simmered with a Mild Bacalao … while the fish was good, the root veggie escabeche was, well, ick!

We’ve eaten some great meals at the Courtyard Cafe when it was under the steady hand of Chef David Adjay. Now he’s gone we’re worried. Continued offerings like this cannot bode well for patronge.

But, all due respect to the pastry chef. Both our desserts were fabulous.
Mine, a Milk Chocolate Crème Brulee with Maple Pecan Shortbread (though the topping on the creme brulee was not fired properly and was soft not hard). G, a Caramel Banana Bread Pudding.

Here’s some pics, though again I forgot to snap the desserts! What is that with me?! ….

1) the parfait; 2) the fish; 3) the hen

Tuesday’s movie: Capote
Of course, the Oscar nominations where released bright and squirrelly this morning and this movie made the list. We saw it at Varsity this afternoon. Hmmm, I did enjoy it; G disliked it and found it boring. I have read Capote’s book, In Cold Blood, on which this bio-op is based. G has not. I truly believe this makes a difference in seeing this movie. I’ll grant you the movie is slow in an artsy way. Philip Seymour Hoffman is Capote and will certainly win Oscar for this role.

Tuesday’s update: the orchid
Well, it’s been close to a month now and I’ve not managed to kill off the orchid! Yay me! All nine flowers are now out – very exciting. I’ve heard differing opinions on what to do once the flowers pass on. One, cut the stem about one inch below the first flower. Or two, cut the stem way down at the base about one inch above the greenery. Advice appreciated.

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  1. aww… =] that’s so cute. =] hahahawow… food, movie and a orchid that doesn’t die yet… =] good job!and the white orchids look so good =]

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    thanks for the birthday wishes! 
    ooh, growing orchids is pretty tough…  congrats on not killing yours!

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