The Restaurant @ The King Edward

Okay, really stupid name for a restaurant, granted. This place, G informs me, shut down in 2001, a victim of 9/11.  Our waitress (also a marathoner), Lois, informs us it reopened about 6 months ago. Good news for us I believe. Though the room is small, and frankly, uninspiring (save the very good works of art hung about the room), the food is excellent.

1) the inside of the restaurant@King Eddy

We actually started the adventure at Blee’s place with a bottle of – what else – champagne! Lanson’s oh-so-excellent Black Label Brut (which, as I’ve now sampled many bottles of this, I can whole-heartedly recommend). As Blee rightly mentions, it has an earthness very similar to Dom Perignon for, like, a fifth the price. Brent nods to Blee here and thanks her again for sharing that vintage 1998 Dom with us!

Our Winterlicious meal consisted of:

  • an amuse bouche of a rabbit dumpling which was great except the dumpling wrapper was a little too dry;

  • Warm Goat Cheese Salad with roasted Pear and caramelized onions;

  • Chef Peter’s excellent asparagus soup;

  • Novizio Olive oil poached Wild Alaskan Salmon, Wild Rice and Corn Cake with Tangerine Beurre Blanc (Blee had this); our waitress informs us the restaurant prepares salmon medium-rare yet it arrives medium-well;

  • Lamb Shank Cassoulet, White bean ragout with Merguez, Smoked bacon and Duck Confit (G had this); the cassoulet was excellent! and what was with that mysterious wiener in the cassoulet???;

  • Butternut Squash Risotto with Stilton Nuggets and Crisp Leek and Caramelized Onions (I had this); and,

  • Lindt Chocolate Cone with Opaline Tuile and Pistachio Anglaise.

1) lamb shank; 2) salmon; 3) chocolate pyramid

… and a bottle of excellent, Mission Hill Five Vineyards Merlot (BC 2003). A note on this, unattainable in Ontario (ruddy LCBO!). In BC liquor stores this fabulous sipper costs $14.99; last night we paid $52.00. Oy!

Nods to my parents who travelled from London to join us for dinner but had to leave early wah wah wah …. granted, we did get to have the Ikea $1 breakfast together hehe .. now that’s going from the silly to the sublime in one day for sure.

Also last night, we had run-ins with a couple of famous folks. The King Eddy was hosting the pre-party for the 3rd Annual Canadian SongWriters Hall of Fame Awards (which are actually on tonight) and we had close encounters with the legendary Gordon Lightfoot and the not-so-legendary Kalen Porter. Kalen was being ascosted by a gaggle of Chinese ladies by the coat check. G happened upon this and found himself recruited to the role of family photographer (with cell phone?!). And wasn’t that ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli trapped in their little press booth?

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  1. jasonbasin says:

    hey, thanks for your comment on my food entry.  The dishes above look awesome too!

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    Food looks very good…

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