The OFF! Cup

G originally came up with this idea. His mind works in fantastic and wonderful ways, something which I absolutely adore. Anyhow, the actual physical Cup for the OFF! Cup we fashioned ourselves from bits and pieces we purchased at – of all places – Winners. 



Awarded for Misadventures in Athletics

Est. 2003


1.0 History:


The OFF! CUP was created to ensure that anyone – regardless of skill, speed, genes or luck – has the opportunity to collect, and covet, ‘hardware’.


1) my Ironman Triathlete finisher’s medal (one example of ‘hardware’)


The OFF! CUP originated in May 2003 after a successful training weekend at J’s cottage in Halliburton. G, Brent, JQ and Scotch on the Rocks Annie attended this week of training. The name OFF! was chosen to honour the can of OFF! mosquito repellent we purchased and brought to the cottage then promptly lost for four days at the absolute height of black fly, mosquito and no-see-ums bug season!


The OFF! CUP was presented to its inaugural winner, Scotch on the Rocks Annie, in June 2003 for the famous “Halliburton Breakdown” on Highway 17. Nothing like walking a half marathon in cleats with a broken front wheel spoke. Bet that OFF! would have come in handy then eh?



2.0 Award Criteria:


The OFF! CUP may be awarded to:


2.1 A person who has demonstrated a meritorious athletic achievement;

2.2 A person who has reached an athletic level of achievement worthy of special recognition; 

2.3 A person who has demonstrated notable achievement whilst training for, or in the pursuit of an athletic endeavor.[1]; or,

2.4 The champions of the Amazing Chase. 



3.0 Eligibility:


3.1 Anyone – having met the award’s criteria – may win the CUP.



4.0 Champion’s Responsibilities:


In accepting The OFF! CUP, the Champion agrees to:


4.1 Cover the cost of producing the engraved nameplate of the subsequent Champion;

4.2 Purchase the Champion’s Prize awarded with the Cup [2]; and,

4.3 Determine the next Champion and induct them into The OFF! CUP’s illustrious history.


Note: the Champion is duty bound to take under advisement any and all suggestions made by previous and future OFF! CUP awardees in determining a possible new Champion. Ultimately however, the final decision rests with the current Champion.



5.0 Frequency:


5.1 The OFF! CUP is awarded at the discretion of the current Champion.

5.2 No Champion may hold the CUP longer than one (1) year.



[1] This could include, but is not limited to: birthday drinking binges completed pre-race (say, before a half-marathon) (winks at G); worst finish line photo (winks to, variously, B, G, JQ, Annie), etc.

[2] In deference to the interests of the Cup’s originators, and the athletic endeavor they were participating in when the idea struck them – triathlon – the Champion’s Prize shall consist of one 6-pack of beer (preferable cold). A 6-pack of beer was incidentally the first place prize given in the first ever Ironman Triathlon. Drinking said beer from The OFF! CUP is left to the discretion of each awardee.


1) Scotch on the Rocks Annie celebrates in Kingston; 2 & 3) the Nightingales celebrate at Dave & Busters after winning The Amazing Chase


There have been three awardees since the Cup’s creation:

  • Scotch on the Rocks Annie (for the Halliburton Breakdown)

  • The Nightingales (inaugural champions of the “Amazing Chase” race G and I organized, long before there was the City Chase, Amazing Race Toronto, Running Experience Project, etc, etc).

  • MD (for the Mark of Amnesia episode)

Tuesday’s movie
: Final Destination 3

This one is simple. Two words: bad | avoid.


Tuesday’s thing to be grateful for: living close to work

I must admit how lucky I am NOT to commute. I walk when I go to work. It’s 25 minutes and lovely. This hits home even more so on mornings like today when 1) the TTC is buggered from York Mills south to Bloor and 2) last night’s snow is buggering those folks inching their way south on Yonge.


On this note, there are rumblings of (yet) another TTC fare increase: 15 cents is the talk.  I don’t know, seems to me the City is simply going to drive people back into their cars if they continue with these increases. As a first step, they ought to be breaking the back of the TTC union to cough up some savings. But don’t get me going on unions! ….


Tuesday’s food: (another) Birthday Lunch

It’s the Birthday that Never Ends …. I love it. A couple of the staff whisked me off today at noon for lunch. Yay me! Destination: a very noisy Bregman’s for yummy grilled cheese and real, old fashioned chocolate milkshake. Thanks folks!

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  1. kunhuo42 says:

    ryc: well, i’ve heard that the most important thing about college is not what you studied, but that you earned a degree, which signifies your ability to learn.  so i guess in a sense, you are applying what you learned in college, although not necessarily the specific subject material you may have studied.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll make it a point to avoid FD:3 then.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words of encouragement. 

  4. abcyeung says:

    Happy Birthday!! Wish you will have a sucessful year and all the best to you. You must be have a good time celcebrate your birthday with your bf…

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Off! cup… interesting. And old fashioned chocolate milkshake – yummy.

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