G’s B-day

I know G religiously reads my posts everyday …. so …..


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear G,
Happy Birthday to you!

And at your age still getting carded! Damn!

G’s gift awaits his arrival … oh the joys of small things in Louis Vuitton bags!

How Much Is That Doggie In The (Car) Window?

I met G this afternoon at Epi Breads for a quickie …. birthday lunch. You folks have such dirty minds!  Epi Breads is great by the way (corner of Millwood and Bayview). While we were eating, a car pulled up with this cute little (I think) fox terrier in the back window ledge.



And For Those of You With Dirty Minds …

Might I recommend you visit this site: Condomania where you can download a “They-Fit” condom kit. It’s a template sheet you print off with cutouts which provide you two sizing grids (one for girth; one for length). You, um, get excited and then can measure to see what size you are then order custom-fit condoms. Like, what’s with that? …

Anyhow, it does make for some mildly entertaining moments solo or with your partner. G and I ‘sized up’ this morning … remember, it’s NOT a contest. I sized in at xxxxxx; G at xxxxxx (as if I’d actually tell you; sorry, that’s personal and private!).


Shrove Tuesday

And today is Shrove Tuesday. The day before Ash Wednesday and the dreaded start of Lent. To celebrate, I made crepes last night. Sweet crepes not savoury ones. The difference is the addition of some vanilla extract to the wet mixture and about a tablespoon of sugar to the dry ingredients.

I dislike pancakes immensely so I think crepes are a good substitution. We shall have them tonight filled with ice cream and cherries! Here’s some pictures from last night showing crepes in production. Having a crepes pan makes all the difference in the world too. Invest in a good

1) prepare your wet & dry ingredients; 2) whisk these together; 3) pour in pan and cook 45 seconds on one side

4) flip and cook 15 seconds on second side and; 5) voila gorgeous yummy crepes

Crepes can be stored in between papertowel for 3 or 4 days and can be frozen.

Leo rocks

(Warning; blatant advertising pitch about to occur)

I also headed up to Tonic Salon & Spa this morning and put myself in the trusty hands of Leo Estay. Leo is hands down one of the finest hair stylists working in the City. A true artist. G and I have been going to him, oh, about 2 years now.  Leo is up at the Fairview Mall. Tell him
Brent sent you.

Tuesday’s very funny clip: The Ketchup Effect
Do spend 30 seconds and check this out. After the initial bit runs, click on the Teaser
and watch it right to the end! Too funny.

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  1. Fatcat723 says:

    The whole posting was great. Love the Ketchup Effect was well done. Thanks.

  2. I realized that I’ve never gotten a balloon before on my birthdays…and that stupid Norton Parental Controls I set on myself blocked that site =[I guess it’s for the best because I keep on getting spyware whenever I visit sites that are …erotic?

  3. “xxxxxx” and “xxxxxx”?!  haha, you are too funny!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday G… hope the quickie at lunch time was good.

  5. abcyeung says:

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday to G…Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday G….Hope you will have a wonderful night with Brent tonight……

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