Shower Accoutrements

So I thought after the heaviness of yesterday’s post, something silly today. Witness: my shower accoutrements. Here’s a picture of the lotions and potions that have found space on the shelves in my shower.


Now what have got here and why? … First top shelf (left to right):

  • ClarinsMen, Active Face Scrub –  which I use a couple times/week;
  • Escape for Men, Hair and Body Shampoo – which my sister gave me and which I use only occasionally as I find the fragrance too strong;
  • Life Brand, Kiwi Body Scrub – which I do adore … it makes your body feel so clean;
  • Garnier Fructis Cream Conditioner – which I use for, er, um, shaving (what I’m not saying). I must say Garnier did a great job on the marketing for this product line;
  • Aveda, Rosemary Mint Conditioner – which you can only say ‘awwww’ to as it’s lovely stuff.

Bottom row (left to right):

  • Molton Brown, Vitalising Vitamin AB+C – which G buys by the case load and which I adore; great for everywhere and fabulous fragrance;
  • Molton Brown, Re-charge Black Peppercorn Body Wash – just to mix it up a bit, I’ll use this once in a while;
  • Vidal Sassoon Shampoo – which is a cheat as it does not contain Vidal Sassoon, I simply re-use the pump container – at the moment – Down Under Natural’s 2in1 shampoo.

Below these, out of sight, are a leafa and a scrunchie. You’ll no doubt remember the scrunhie fiasco we had earlier.

Thursday’s theatre review: Cirque Eloise’s Nomad
We saw this show on Tuesday night at the Canon Theatre. It is part of the Mirvish subscription this year. I LOVED this production. Think of it as Cirque du Soleil “Lite”. It plays until May 20 so you’ve a night free head on over and see it. It has infectious music and a dream-like, bohemian feel to the entire show. Okay, and half-naked cute guys dancing and trapeezing and stuff too.

not-special moment
: pigeon poo
The weather was
lovely again today so I decided to picnic at Yorkminister Park. I chose the
bench where I spent most lunches last summer sitting reading and plopped myself
down. I’m digging into my ham and swiss sandwich when glop, a spot of icky
pigeon poo lands on my left shoulder. I hate pigeons! I hate pigeon poo! I hate
that pigeons are protected and that we can’t simply all carry guns and shoot
them for sport (and dinner).
I’m tempted to found
a Torontonians for the Elimination of Pigeons Everywhere Society (TEPES) and
begin an advocacy campaign to rid the City of these vile vermin. Alright, so
they’re not technically vermin but you know what I mean.
All that said, I
have been pelican pooed on while down at the condo and it is MUCH worse, believe

Thursday’s picture: flowering crab tree in Moutn Pleasant
We’ll have to keep an eye on these trees to see when they hit their peak of flower power perfection!


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11 Responses to Shower Accoutrements

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow expensive taste, my friend : ) molton brown!

  2. hahaha… u are a bonafide queer!    AVEDA rocks!… 

  3. Anonymous says:

    you can use anything for shaving.. even whipped cream.. not that i’ve tried but u know.. haha.. try it!
    anyways.. i’ve been so busy with school, auberge and just meetings and sorting out my time table it’s been everywhere for me. my post are so sloppy because i can’t think or concentrate just one 1 topic anymore. billions of things flying through my mind.. but ya. learning together is fun and also when you have one idea and i have 1 idea. thats 3 ideals intotal if u get what i  mean lol.  yours, mine and ours.  but i find when you are in a contest or competition, one tends to push itself further than expected. learn so much more. and especially when you are beaten, surprising you learn more than compared to if you have won.  if u get what i mean.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I use none of those products.

  5. MrJCHEN says:

    btw, you use conditioner for shaving??? how does that work?- jimmy

  6. MrJCHEN says:

    haha, love your products!- jimmy

  7. kunhuo42 says:

    i just read your previous post now…  it was really helpful, and i’ll try to keep a lot of that in mind when the right time comes.

  8. bennykan says:

    The tree is beautiful!!

  9. Fatcat723 says:

    Glad to see you take good care of yourself. That is a big point for me with other guys.
    RYC: Grandma was so right. I love that saying.

  10. I don’t even use separate shampoo and conditioner.  I use Garnier Fructis’ 2-in-1 because I’m so goddamned lazy.  But Garnier has done wonders for my hair!  I really like it.  I’m glad to see you have a Garnier product! 

  11. Len_Q says:

    That’s a crapload of stuff! i stick with my shampoo, conditioner (though I don’t have that much hair to condition) and face wash.Do you really need all that?

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