Film Fest Five

So, the film fest five (and others) met up yesterday at the mania that was the line up to fetch your tickets. Rumour control has it that box 22 was picked first on Friday meaning they had to work from 22 up to 40 then around to box 5 before getting to my choices. But the TIFF Gods must be on my side as I got everything I was after. Yay!

1) the line up at 9:50am; 2) Blee, G, D, willariah and pop star Cathy wait; 3) me, shooting eggyplant shooting willariah shooting the crew waiting (how’s that for finding things to do while waiting in line?)

Afterwards, we all escaped to Golden Girdle (aka Golden Griddle) for brunch and movie talk. But, Golden Girdle is not good on your tummy … beware. Me and eggyplant had to beat a hasty retreat. Oh, the joys of tummy woes!

Tuesday’s amazing reorg: the bathroom cupboard
Now, I don’t know about other gay lads, but G and I have a thing about collecting toiletries on our travels. What I’ve been doing is simply tossing them into the bathroom cupboard. But, increasingly, this method of organization was becoming unstainable due to the sheer volume of stuff. So, on Saturday we re-orged with the help a $6.00 organizer from G’s favourite Canadian institution, Canadian Tire (G has built several Canadian Tire stores in the years I’ve known him!).

The result is below:


Tuesday’s song: Karaoke at MHQ
Actually done on Sunday (with a gazillion other Chinese) up at Pacific Mall along with Maddy and Maddy’s best friend from New Jersey. Lunch was a long wait at Ginger & Onion Cuisine, but well worth it!

I’m a freaking star!

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8 Responses to Film Fest Five

  1. Len_Q says:

    Did you end up singing any Hanson songs? =þ

  2. That’s a lot of bathroom products!Ryc: I think he will try to bother me the whole time! ARG!

  3. YNOTswim says:

    oh the lines! you will have to be in line again before each screening in order to get a decent seat… but it’s part of the memory about film festivals.

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, that’s quite a reorganizing effort!

  5. m3galomaniac says:

    I have lots of “loose” toileteries too…now I can just bring them to china!! so much more organised huh.

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Come and organize my cupboards!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow… you guys really pack that little storage area underneath the sink!

  8. willariah says:

    oh the irony! i was at ginger and onion saturday night for a family dinner. love their food. i miss mhq. the owner is so nice. congrats on getting your pics!! i am so enviousness.

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