I peeked out of the peephole of my unit on Sunday morning and saw this ….


… and I thought, ‘wow, my neighbour has stolen Lady Galadriel’s crown from Lord of the Rings and hung it on her door’. Opening the door, my thought was confirmed. ‘She’s manged to grab Lady Galadriel’s crown and the silly twit is using it as a Christmas wreath for her bloody door’.

1) the crown confirmed; 2) the crown up close

Not to be outdone, and with my gay-decorating gene feeling threatened, I am considering pinching Queen Lizzie’s crown to tap on my own door. Whatcha think? … I’ve had it sent out to have some holly added to give it a more festival mood.


Take that biatch!

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5 Responses to Lothlorien

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Talk about going over the top!!!

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    hahahaha now THAT i’d love to see all decorated up for the holidays and hung on your door like a wreath!

  3. enRoute says:

    hahahahaah…go for it~! =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha…. gasp, choke. I shouldn’t be drinking coffee while reading this. Boy, you’re competitive.

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