Keg Girls

Tonight was the annual
xmas gathering of the “Keg Girls” (+ Brent). This year’s nachos and chardonnay adventure was held at C’s house in North York.  As always,
it was good fun.


Mama Joan, C, Ironwoman Judy and me

Marie Antoinette
Based on Antonia Fraser’s book, this film tells the story of the Queen
of France from the time she enters the court of Louis XVI to the French
Revolution, when both Marie and Louis lose their heads. I had high
hopes for this film, directed by Sofia Coppola, but – having studied
the French Revolution in great detail throughout university – I
was disappointed with the outcome. While it all looks wonderful and
gorgeous and splendid cinamatograhic-wise, I was utterly disinterested
in the characters (especially Kirsten Dunst playing Marie). Perhaps
that was what Coppola had in mind, showing us the splendor and excess
to reinforce how utterly removed the Crown was from the people during
the 1780s?? Bad acting aside (Dunst, Schwartzman) it is a ‘pretty’ film
made a little more watchable with the choice of music. My
rating 5 out of 10.


The Sentinel
A film meant to capitalize on the whole Michael Douglas doing spy/action films and a vehicle for Canadian, Keifer Sutherland, to stretch himself beyond his usual role in the TV show, 24. I’m joking of course, cause Keifer plays the exact same character he knows so well. The plot (and I use that word loosely) such as it is has Secret Service guru Douglas having to scamper around to clear his name after he is framed in a plot to kill the President. Course, adding to the ‘realism’ of this plot is the fact Douglas is also having an affair with the First Lady. Oh brother. Keifer plays the good guy Secret Service agent trying to track Douglas down. It’s all ho-hum and (yawn) uninspiring. My rating 3 out of 10.


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8 Responses to Keg Girls

  1. Ken02 says:

    I saw Marie Antoinette, and it was a ok movie, don’t like it that much,,but from a graphic artist point of view, I found the art direction did an amazing job. Kool!!!!!…

  2. orchidgrass says:

    i haven’t watched copppla’s film…it makes me doubt that she becomes famous all becos of her father?
    merry christmas

  3. Anonymous says:

    that’s a really tall christmas tree you’ve got there…. it’s touching the ceiling! Oops.. I mean.. holiday tree =)

  4. willariah says:

    hun, i beg to differ re: too many runs on “dreamgirls” – i feel that for the style of music being presented from the motown-renaissance, it is appropriate and true to form. i do not feel the performances were over-coloured. i think it will come together after you see it, you are absolutely right about this.i think coppola’s intentions with marie antoinette were not so much to make it a historical piece, as the story of marie antoinette has become so well-known that it is redundant to re-tell history. i believe coppola’s intention was to make the film an imaginary re-telling of history. nonetheless, it is a stunning film and stands on its own in terms of visual artistic and technical merit. i love the soundtrack to-death:) and speaking of visually stunning films, i just saw “curse of the golden flower”, the latest from zhang yi mou at the cumberland. beautiful film; although like “the banquet” it suffers from a “what’s the pointness?” about it. nonetheless, a gorgeous movie. talk soon, xoxo.

  5. Fatcat723 says:

    Christmas deep thoughts – good idea as soon as I think of some.

  6. Ah, hang in there with G being gone! 
    At first when I read it I thought the “other” gone…but thankfully it’s not that. 
    Wow, I use so many smileys.

  7. kunhuo42 says:

    random tangent… do you know you can buy little marie antoinette action figures, that feature ejectable heads? =D

  8. Fatcat723 says:

    I did see the Sentinel and I totally agree with you. Fortuantely I watched it at someone home on CD so I could get up and get lost for a time.

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