The Unicorn Club

The monthly meeting of the Unicorn Club occurred last night … as always, it was great to see Lady Sarah.

Brent with Lady Sarah (nice silk scarf all the way from China … thanks G!)

The Belly of an Architect
G and I watched this 1989 Peter Greenaway film tonight. Brian Dennehy stars as American architect Stourley Kracklit, who comes to Rome to open a show on the visionary French architect, Boullee, with pregnant wife Louisa (played by Chloe Webb, with a very affected voice, I thought) in tow. The
Etienne-Louis Boullee (1728-1799) angle to this story is very interesting and worth watching if only to better understand how, like Michangelo and Da Vinci, far ahead of his time this man was.

Once in Rome, things go sour quickly as Kracklit starts thinking his wife is poisoning him (with figs), starts (rightly) imagining Louisa is having an affair with a lead architect on the project, Caspasin Speckler (played by Lambert Wilson), begins obsessing on all things Boullee (including writing postcards to the long dead architect), and photocopying any picture of a stomach he can find. True to anything done by Greenaway, the film has ravishing shots that are utterly theatrical in their construction, a perfect music score, and an interestingly woven story pulled off by Dennehy’s fine performance. Granted, the shots of Rome’s architect and the attention to detail sure help too. While it all ends poorly with a cancer-riddened Kracklit dropping in (in a manner of speaking) on the premier of the show he’s been maneuvred out of orchestrating, it is a satisfying 2 hour visual journey. My rating 7 out of 10.


The List of 239
So my friend, Eggyplant, got this list from PDG (who got it from elsewhere). Visit either’s site for the list.
There are 239 movies on the list. Apparently, if you’ve seen more than 85 of them, you have no life.

My tally was 117.

I guess I have no life.

(quickly takes pulse, and wonders if there is a sliding scale whereby 105 means I’m only 43.3% no-life-less?)

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8 Responses to The Unicorn Club

  1. pradaholic says:

    Woohoo. Based on the movie list, I have a life. Only 73 movies. Well, actually if I had a life, I wouldn’t have bothered counting how many of those movies I’ve seen.RYC: I’m going to Toula and Truffles….I’m really excited about them. Canoe? Better luck next time for me, or I’ll just go for regular prices to save myself the hassle.

  2. MissLui says:

    Apps! have u seen both Election and Election 2?

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    ryc: hahaha yes, yes, i will continue to post; if i don’t i’m sure i’ll get a lot of complaint letters ;)

  4. Thank you for making me feel good about myself again. You are so good at that! =] That’s a really cute picture of Lady Sarah and youself. And those sculptures look really interesting. hmm

  5. Anonymous says:

    I often wondered how architects think and the creative process they go through. It must be interesting.

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Well, I watched as many as you did but I consider it education in the present day ethic and mood.
    RYC: I write in my own shorthand so usually two calls was enough – longer ones took three lol lol.

  7. willariah says:

    i just made the cut off under 84! i still have a life! hot!!

  8. kunhuo42 says:

    hahahaha don’t think of watching all those movies as having no life, just think of it as… expanding your horizons ;)

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