Gucci [Tries to] Take a Vacation

Thursday night there was such excitement in the condo … anticipation even, as the new Gucci tote bag was heading on a vacation! Its first trip since coming all the way from China.

1) Gucci sits all a-gog, itching to get going

Now, the plan was to head off to London to meet a friend, attend a big fundraiser and see Nephew E play hockey. Ah but fate, oh, cruel fate intervened and it was all for nought. The drive was horrible; we left at 7:30 and only reached Guelph amid the snow at 9:30. My friend, LL, rang and said: “There’s no freaking way I’m driving to London honey, so you either meet me here [in Kitchener] or not at all”. So up Hwy 8 Gucci and I inched. Arrived 10am and had a lovely time catching up with LL and picking her brain. Gucci was saddened at not being able to overnight but I promise dear Gucci … your time will come; your time will come.

2) Gucci with Brent head out the door with optimism and hope

3) Gucci looking so chic chic in the boot of the rental car; 4) LL greets us with a smile

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7 Responses to Gucci [Tries to] Take a Vacation

  1. jasonbasin says:

    such a diva with the Gucci!  You carry it well with your height.  It’s not for midgets like me who can fit in the bag.

  2. willariah says:

    the countdown is on to sunday, my little proud gucci owner. :) re: coffee tmw, yes, we’re confirmed.

  3. Haha. Gucci nice! I wanna feel the fabric of the bag a

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a long distance driver – London is my maximum (and that’s with good weather). The bag looks good — smart buy!

  5. Fatcat723 says:

    You do need to do some traveling with Gucci.
    RYC: I am the same when it comes to sexcapades. I don’t want to spend an evening listening to sexually orientated jokes either. But I would not run from one or two.

  6. Anonymous says:

    lookin’ good!

  7. pradaholic says:

    ryc: yes. it’s simple. very simple…
    btw, totes are so in. i gotta get myself one….but i want one from bottega veneta or balenciaga. now i just need to find a place that sells it. lol….

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