Hi, I’m Chloe, a one and a half year old bichon frise. I wanted to share my thoughts with you on something that happened today as a warning to all you other single bitches out there.

See, the thing is, I was stood up

Uncles Brent and G set up this blind date with willariah‘s shitzu, Billy. Now, I’ve never really had a thing for shitzus to be honest, but I was willing to give this stud a try. To prepare, yesterday I headed down to Petsmart and got this brand new pink, rhinestone-encrusted collar, Uncles Brent and G forked out $10 for a heart-shaped memory of my time in Toronto (they’re both dears, really), and I got a hot new leather lead. I’m a fan of leather (wink, wink).

1) Uncle G shops with me at Petsmart; 2) my hot red leather lead

3) my diva rhinestone collar and memento

So I’m all dolled up and ready to go. But this morning, Uncles Brent and G get an email from willariah saying Billy is going to have to cancel, with apologies.

(me: miffed)

Now, I think I’m pretty sexy and have something to offer any stud. I’m kind, cultured, STD-free, and am a great french-kisser (ask my uncles!). If Billy doesn’t want a piece of my action; fine! … So, what’s a girl to do? Stood up, dolled up, my esteem a tad wounded, what else would I do but … SHOP!

And damn it was sweet … I wandered through Yorkville, I lunched at Whole Foods, I wandered through Holts, I wandered through Hazelton Lanes, I bought myself a hot pink jacket and some Simple Solution training pads.

4) strolling through Yorkville; 5) strolling through Hazelton Lanes

6) my new jacket; 7) me loves the Burberry detailing on the hoodie

Lesson learned: Shopping solves most things girls!

As to Billy … Billy who?!


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9 Responses to Stood-up

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Ah, Chloe is a Bichon…such a cutie!! I’m sure there’ll be no problem finding a mate!!ryc: haha~~i hope my video didn’t gross you guys too much!!

  2. Ehh a dog/xanga version of Look Who’s Talking? Hehe.

  3. orchidgrass says:

    she’s sooo cute…fabulous

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    aww… sorry to hear you were stood up, chloe. but with your looks, i’m certain you’ll get another date with some hot young stud soon!

  5. Fatcat723 says:

    What a gentleman, I apologize, Chloe. The new outfit looks gorgeous. And there will be others who will love you for you.

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    I love it. I love it. By the way , nice of you to let Chloe use your blog to post.

  7. willariah says:

    i love saigon star. that’s my favourite restaurant. ok, well one of them. i love their lambchops and of course, curry crab:) what did u order? ————dear chloe – you look awesome in your new gear! you and billy can wear your matching burberry-esque jackets together when you meet! it’s so ironic also that auntie lovegen bought billy a new ID tag too yesterday – a red heart with his name engraved in it! we look forward to seeing you soon, princess.uncle william

  8. willariah says:

    dear chloe,i appreciate your heart-felt words and once again, am sorry that you took my absence to heart. i’ve met your unclesbefore and they are wonderful, so i’m sure they showed you agreat time around town.but trust me, i’m worth the wait.xoxo.billy(p.s. i’m actually gay)

  9. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha… I needed a good laugh.

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