Wing Night ’07

It’s done for another year. No more March Madness till 2008; how sad. Last night was the Championship game between Ohio State and the reigning National Champs, the Florida Gators. It was a good game with the Gators coming out on top this year. Eprops to them!

For the Final Four games on Saturday, we chowed down on our usual buffalo wings … so awful for you but so damn yummie … served with a bottle of the Baco Noir we picked up in Vineland last Saturday. The baco is a perfect foil for the spiciness of the wings and the strong blue cheese dip.

1) wings and garnish; 2) homemade blue cheese dip; 3) the Baco

Post-wing night, we headed down to the St. Lawrence North Market on Sunday to join the other gay couples that wander the antique market. But, noting, I’m keen to rid myself of stuff (not acquire new junk) I was very good and came home empty-handed.

The St. Lawrence North Market

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5 Responses to Wing Night ’07

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Good idea!! Wings n’ wine!! haha~~

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    antiquing – that belongs to the gay community!!RYC: Cacti require little care. I have a Christmas Cactus that blooms every Christmas. I throw some water at it when I think of it.

  3. ah, the joys of being gay…without the rice empresses. 

  4. jasonbasin says:

    wings and wine….classy.
    gays and antiquing….classic.

  5. willariah says:

    yumm u made your own wings or are they storebought?  see u tmw nite!

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