Zen V Plus
Bunnylicious me bought myself something for Easter: a new mp3 player.

1) mine! … be gone iPod … guess the movie I’m watching? …

It is the gorgeous Creative Labs Zen V Plus, which plays music, videos, podcasts, holds umpteen pictures, has a built-in 32-station FM radio, records voice, and syncs seamlessly with your Outlook. It is also a C|net “Editors Choice”. And best of all, it is NOT a bloody freaking (yawn) Apple iPod!

Please consider joining the dark side and rid yourself of your iPod-itis addiction! 

Cambalache reDeux
For Easter dinner, G, Blee and I revisited our new favourite tapas spot, Cambalache on Mt. Pleasant. After a couple of chocolate martinis, the Sangria went down very well. We ordered 8 tapas dishes in total amongst ourselves including the aceitunas marinadas (cracked olives) and albondigas de cordero (lamb meatballs) seen below.

2) lamb meatballs; 3) cracked olives; 4) moi and Blee (and G’s hand) toasting Easter

This eating adventure fell on the heels of another eating adventure with willariah on Friday up at Asian Legend for oh-my-gawd-gorgeous shanghai yummies (food not guys!) and a trip to see Grindhouse (review tomorrow).

Hitoshi Toyoda
We’re just back from volunteering with the Images Festival down at the National Film Board Centre, where we met artist Hitoshi Toyoda and saw his ‘Nazuna’ show. Please visit Hitoshi’s site here. He works solely in live performances using slides and no music or spoken commentary. All very zen.

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4 Responses to Easter

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Oh, you guys are such adventurous gourmet diners!Stylish Zen you got also!! haha~~

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gee… it looks like the only thing the MP3 player can’t do is cook. The meatballs look yummy.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Bunny was good to you! Thanks for the heads up on Hitoshi.

  4. willariah says:

    hey B, thanks for the invite. this weekend is looking busy. i have to go back the studio again. re: mp3 player. congrats!! is the movie memorirs of a geisha? i see cherry blossoms.

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