Ottawa Get Away: Day Two


Day two was all about taking Ottawa by storm.

1) G tries to steal the Peace Tower!

Doors Open Ottawa was on and we trooped about the city (in hot, humid conditions I may add) to see a few places.

2 & 3) the PeaceKeepers Monument; 4) the inside of the National Conference Centre … all Beau Arts style

5) l-r: National Arts Centre, Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal and Chateau Laurier

6) the very old Ottawa Jail (now a Youth Hostel … of all things); 7) Brent in his cell; 8) the long drop

9) G mimicks the Peace Tower; 10) the Lift Locks open

For dinner Saturday night we prepared a yummy bbq of chicken, shrimp and veggies. Well, we prepared while Opa bbq-ed (and danced) for us with Duran Duran blaring in the background. Gotta love it! Food was fabulous and filled our belly as we sat down to watch the Senators win their first ever Stanley Cup Final Playoff game. It was so exciting and we headed into downtown Ottawa afterwards … more on that tomorrow.

11) the food is prepared; 12) the mutant portobellos; 13) shrimp on the barbie

14) mmmmmm good!

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2 Responses to Ottawa Get Away: Day Two

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Very scenic…just like some picturesque cities in Europe!ryc: i’d sure try their coffee next time!!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful city and great food with a great partner – what else is there!!!

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