Undercover reviewer

Brent goes undercover, with camera in hand, to try some new restaurants

Well, not really. Though over the past couple weeks, I did try three places in the hood: two new spots (Chimichanga and Salad Spa); one new to me (Demetre).


is on Eglinton, just east of Yonge and is built in the
‘build-your-own-salad’ healthy eating concept. Only open a month, and
tucked in a corner amid office highrises, I suspect it will do well.
People, afterall are into healthier eating these days. G and I ordered
up a wrap and a (huge) large salad. It was plenty for dinner and very
affordable. Only $17.00 with two pops. Best of all, unlike many places
of this ilk, Salad Spa does not charge by the pound.

styles itself a Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar and is on Yonge, just
north of Eglinton and has been open also about 5 weeks (note: the day
we visited they still did not have their liquor licence). I thought
this place was great. They serve authentic salsa and do a guacamole
(which your waiter will create in a performance art piece right at your
table). We had their steak barbacoa flautas (which are like a tacquito)
as an appetizer. They were just okay … no match for the chicken
taquitos we served at this year’s Oscar Dinner.

2) the flauta

a main, I had San Francisco “Mission-Style” beef burrito and G had an
enchiladas verde. The enchiladas verde was just ok; the burrito,
fantastic. A huge serving that was immeasurably yummy.

3) the burrito; and, 4) enchiladas verde

5) Demetre; 6) the honey vanilla ice cream with waffle and seasonal fruit

Demetre was visited for dessert. This a chain that serves very good desserts and excellent real Italian style coffee.

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    Those reviews of restaurants always leave me hungry and heading for the frig!

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