For six weeks now, myself, G and Gila have been planning a stagette. A stagette with a unique twist: it is for two friends who happen to be lesbians. Planning a stagette for lesbians is a wee challenge as the usual games one plays involving penises and etc really don’t apply. On Saturday night, we pulled off this adventure with great effect and I think everyone – the about to be married couple, included – had a real blast!

1) Dawn & Deb, in appropriate shower-like gear we dressed them up in

The couple is Deb & Dawn. Deb is one of my dearest lifelong friends. By that, I mean we’ve been friends since Grade 10. We did yearbook committee together [yes, I was one of those kids]; we lived together in Barbados (story of that is here); we survived college together; we did the Monaco-Nice-Villefranche-sur-mer adventure together; we confided in each other [she came out first, not that it was a contest or anything]; and Deb and Diabolo, her cute pooch, also lived a summer with me (albeit on the floor of my wee apartment) after a particularly nasty breakup. We been through A LOT together over the years and I am just so happy she’s found someone that cares for her deeply. Dawn and her are obviously in love and I’m excited to be the Best Man/Maid of Honour – take your pick – at their swank wedding in a couple weeks time.

Deb is now a successful travel agent who books some of Toronto’s most famous patrons, but more so, is a brilliant artist working in oil on canvass.

We plied the girls with several games to test their skill and knowledge of each other in order to determine whether or not they were ready to marry. We played “Tying the Knot”, “The Nearly Wed Game”, “Your Most Embarrassing Moment” (Dawn, you win!), “Massage This!” and then hired the oh-so-wonderful Carmen from cardioerotica to have guests and the girls learn how to dance erotically. This event was a riot, especially when Deb & Dawn had to compete in a head-to-head erotic chair dance routine! If you’re ever looking for something a little different that is fun and tasteful, consider hiring on Carmen, lemme tell you!

2) some of Sappho’s many gifts; 3) Gila, stagette organizer extraordinaire and husband, Dave

3) “Tying the Knot” game; 4) chow down time between games

5) the host with the most; 6) the gals cut the gigantic booby cake we had made for them

7,8 & 9) “Massage This!” game

10) Deb, moi, others and Carmen learn to dance erotically

11) Dawn, Carmen and Deb; 12) … and being coy

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6 Responses to Stagette

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: And who would accuse you of being “difficult”?

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    hahaha looks like a lot of fun!

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    The party looked so fun, especially the cake cutting!!I’m so happy for the lucky couple…they found each other!!

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    You need be a party planner on the side. Where do you come up with these great idea. Love the cake too lol!RYC: Yepper, fess up and move on.

  5. aww that’s so cute :]and wow, you guys have kept your friendship through that long? That’s so wonderful!!! :]have fun at their wedding!

  6. Genius! That looks so fun! And it’s so great to have a friendship for that long.
    Haha, that cake is hilarious!

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