A Cupcake Competition

Last week, Blee was in New York City on business and picked up a half dozen Cupcake Cafe cupcakes to go head-to-head with Toronto’s Cupcake Shoppe ones. Now, taking into consideration the NYC cupcakes ended up a day old (as Blee’s flight was canceled out of New York due to weather on Thurs night), the overall winner was Toronto’s own Cupcake Shoppe.

The cupcakes made at the Cupcake Shoppe were larger, moister, and tastier with a hefty glob of buttercream. They also won in the price comparison factor at CAD$12.50 vs. US$13.50/half dozen.

The NYC cupcakes, while taking the edge in pure artistry – the intricate buttercream flowers on each were a testament to the art – were no match for those made here. Yay Toronto!

1) New York City’s Cupcake Cafe cupcakes; 2) Toronto’s Cupcake Shoppe version

3) Toronto’s packaging wins hands down; 4) want them? … here’s where …

5) a cross-section of the New York challenger

We Will Rock You


In other news, I’m just presently back – my ears still ringing – from seeing the Queen-inspired stage show, We Will Rock You. I LOVED this show despite its stupid story line which must have Freddie Mercury turning in his grave. That aside, it showcases the music of Queen and, best of all, pays homage to one of music’s greatest rock composers, Freddie Mercury, may he rest in peace. If the show stops in your town, buy a glow stick and get out to see it!

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8 Responses to A Cupcake Competition

  1. orchidgrass says:

    it looks so cute! but i haven’t tried one

  2. jasonbasin says:

    sorry that NYCupcakes are such a letdown.  Please tell Toronto to stop being better bakers.  Maybe the fierce NYC cupcake industry is cannibalizing itself.  Who knows.  I’m so over cupcakes honestly.  I’m all about the fruit custard tarts now!

  3. Oh.  MY GOD.  I love sweets, cupcakes especially.  Gah!  My mouth is watering.  You should definitely consider sending me some of your findings, especially edible findings…as a poor college student I do not yet have the ability to sample such delicacies…
    RYC: Well, you definitely get props for mentioned the Barenaked Ladies–although I don’t think he looks like Steven Page…well, maybe remotely in that particular photo.

  4. brooklyn2028 says:

    Hmmm…as I said in my last comment, it really should be Magnolia or Billy’s in NYC vs. The Cupcake Shoppe.

  5. kunhuo42 says:

    hahaha i love the concept of a cupcake challenge.

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm cupcakes!!!!!

  7. CurryPuffy says:

    Okay, I’ll get a big glow stick….I love the twirls better too!!

  8. hmm i never had new york cupcakes before…but both the cupcakes from NY and toronto both look really goodx_X*drools*ryc: yeah…arielle’s exboyfriend was a poop. The one where you dont know what you love him/her, but you do but he/she can care less…that kind =[and that’s good to know. I WANT to be marriagebound :]x_x i already thought about it…kinda scary huh?

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