A quick compendium from last week

First, I do like that word: compendium. I was going to use cornucopia but it’s just a little off and a word better suited to Fall than winter in Toronto when it’s -14°C outside tonight (without the windchill factor).

Twelve Angry Men

On Tuesday, G and I attended the Mirvish‘s latest production of the Reginald Rose play, Twelve Angry Men at the Princess of Wales Theatre. This show stars Richard Thomas, John Boy of the Waltons fame and Kevin Dobson (ex of Knots Landing). Everyone in this production was excellent, Dobson in particular. It is well worth the price of admission and you should go if only to chat with friends afterwards on whether or not the kid was guilty. It was one of the better plays I’ve seen in a long time from the Mirvish folks. Bravo!

Blee’s Christmas Gift Arrives
Meanwhile last Saturday night, Blee visited for a fabulous fondue feast and brought G and I an xmas gift which she ordered online and which finally arrived. While the foodies out there will instantly recognize this porcelain dish is a french terrine mould, not everyone would immediately know that. G and I have been hunting forever for a terrine mould and are simply delighted with such a marvelous xmas gift. Thanks Blee! This now means G and I will tackle one of the most challenging French recipes – creating a duck terrine.

1) I sense Duck terrine in our future!; 2) photo credit: http://chezchristine.typepad.com/chez_christine/

Ten Plates
And speaking of food … we’re hard at work prepping for a dinner we’re hosting next weekend for my parents. The dinner was their Christmas gift and is called “Ten Plates”, which is going to be 10 very small delicate plates of … well, can’t tell you as my folks read the blog and it’s a surprise! But, here’s the invite I did up for them. It’s a bit wonky as I did a quick convert from the original file through Illustrator, then converted it to a jpeg. These are all actual plates we have here at home, which I photographed separately then pieced together.

It should be a fabulous evening me thinks!

Ten Plates Invite

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  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Duck terrine…Ten Plates…sounds like a gourmet recipe! Please send some to my way too!!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Excellent play to say the least –Duck terrine – send some quickly!!!!

  3. orchidgrass says:

    12 angry men? you mean the old movie? i want to watch that long ago

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