I … knit

I knit. Yes, you heard me right, I knit. So what if it’s stereotypically gay (which of course it isn’t). I have my grandmother, GeGe, to thank for this skill and stress-reliever. When I was younger, I used to visit GeGe for dinner and the Leafs game. Dinner was invariably fish ‘n chips and we’d sit and watch the Leafs while knitting. She: slippers or a baby outfit. Me: an afghan. That afghan took me years to finish but it is still here in its blue and white glory in the hall cupboard.

What’s interesting is that many moons ago, I had an aquatic supervisor, initials ML,  who was the biggest, scariest, dreadlockiest, hippiest guy you’d ever wanna meet. ML was 6’6″ and a solid 240lbs and what I remember most about him was how he’d sit up in the lifeguard office … knitting sweaters all summer. No one ever commented to ML about his knitting habit; no one would dare.

For G’s birthday Blee bought him a Shanghai scarf knitting kit which I confiscated and completed this weekend (see below). I have now returned to the very long Dr. Who scarf I’ve also been knitting (for years) in hopes I may actually finish it before summer. Hope springs eternal they say eh.

Below, a picture of me on Sunday with several of my favourite things:
a) stress-reducing knitting (in hand);
b) Samuel Adams pint of beer (on coaster) (one of the very, very few American beers actually worth purchasing);
c) my Eyewitness Companion Film Guide (on table); and,
d) March Madness round of 32 on TV (just outside of the picture).


1) Brent with a few of his favourite things

2) the completed Shanghai scarf. Brent made that!

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6 Responses to I … knit

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    I know that is very relaxing – the knitting that is. Maybe it is something I should take up. I am already watching the March Madness but I don’t drink beer:.-(.

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    my mom taught me how to sew… not just to mend, patch, and hem, but also to do things like cross stitch. i haven’t done it in a while, but i still remember the basics. i’ve never learned how to knit though.

  3. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is my personal favorite. It’s also the only American beer I’d drink now.

  4. ElusiveWords says:

    Good for you! My mom used to knit as well and it was also a source of income for us. But I don’t know how you can watch the games while knitting. Isn’t it easy to make a mistake when you’re concentrating so hard on the game?

  5. i kinda wanted to learn how to knit way back when…until i realized how gay it was (kidding!). 

  6. vsan79 says:

    your living room look super cozy.

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