Distillery District Stroll

On Canada Day, G and I took a stroll through the Distillery District down in “Corktown” … the oldest part of Toronto. It is now a tourist trap but with upscale eateries, art galleries and Soma, an uber fabulous chocolate shop.

1) the Distillery District used to be Gooderham & Worts, one of Canada’s largest Distilleries (circa 1837); 2) the modern (CN Tower) and old meet in the Distillery

3) this clothsline of shoes was actually an art installation; 4) branding everywhere

5) the main square at the Distillery

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4 Responses to Distillery District Stroll

  1. brooklyn2028 says:

    Did you buy TONS of chocolate at Soma!! I especially like their cocoa dusted corn!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Sounds like Sarasota – everything is a tourist trap. But I do love chocolate yummy!!!!

  3. vsan79 says:

    Kewl. look like there is shoes hanging.

  4. youniversl says:

    Sigh, is there any place that’s NOT a tourist trap?

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