WestJet Sue Lands

1) WestJet Sue and I … no comments about the messy bed please!

WestJet Sue landed in Toronto yesterday on route from Moncton back to Vancouver, and had a 18-or-so hour layover which permitted G and I to get out to the Double Tree Hotel at the airport to visit with her. The last time we really caught up with Sue was on the infamous “Cold As A Witch’s Tit” Ottawa Tour in February 2005. See that adventure here.


2) the planes land VERY close to Sue’s hotel window; 3) a very creepy group of old Knights of Columbus wandering their way to gawd-knows-what

We had a wonderful time catching up; planning our next adventure together (Maui); had a great meal at Milestones and then broke one of those swimming myths about not eating and swimming by heading to the pool’s waterslide for loads of fun.

4) the waterslide!; 5) Sue lands …


6) … and survives!

Special note for Sue
: You were asking about what our place on the north side looks like …. the photos are here.

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5 Responses to WestJet Sue Lands

  1. all i can say is…the waterslide looks so cool=] how was it going down?!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Now that looks like a great time. The indoor pools are adding different features to keep their customers entertained.

  3. yeah, Knights of Columbus do look scary. Any relation to the K (to the third power)? =-

  4. ElusiveWords says:

    They have a pretty good Chinese restaurant inside the hotel – you should give it a try next time you’re out there. You know – the link to your other entry “special note for Sue”, I think that was the first time I commented on your blog.

  5. vsan79 says:

    Indoor water park

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