Quebec City/Halifax

1) the Chateau Frontenac

It was a crazy week. Back from Chicago only to turnaround and dash off to Quebec City and Halifax. Thursday was the craziest … awake at 4:00pm to catch a flight from Quebec City to Montreal and hence to Halifax. Dashed about Halifax looking at sites then flew home to Toronto … ah, nothing like a 19 hour day I always say! hehe

Thank heavens I’ve no travel, save a trip to Guelph this week! Ironwoman Judy and I were fortunate to have great weather in both places and we did get to see Robert LePage’s video installation “The Wall” in Quebec City harbour on Wednesday night. It celebrates Quebec City’s 400th Anniversary and is displayed on the grain elevator silos in the old harbour. Very neat!

We stayed at the uber old-world gorgeous Chateau Frontenac, which while not a W Hotel, is still pretty darn fetching. On Thursday, we managed a very quick lunch with my Nova Scotian staff at Murphy’s on the water in Halifax and had the table sitting directly beside Tim Horton President, Ron Joyce’s magnificent yacht, which was in the harbour.

2 & 3) the view from our room at the Chateau

4) the view from the lounge at the Chateau looking west along the boardwalk; 5) our lovely room

6) the bathroom; 7) the creepy, Shining-like hallways of the hotel

8) token gifts from the Hotel’s manager … ah, so nice

DSCF0699 DSCF0700
9) the hotel; 10) Ironwoman Judy strolls the old city streets

11) European charm; 12) what a great picture

13) the uber chic Hotel Saint-Antoine which G and I must try to stay at soon!; 14) museum finds in the Saint-Antoine

15) we dinned at Mistral Gagnant; 16) the Chateau at night

17) the famous stairs to the old City

18) Creebec Air?! in Montreal; 19) Halifax and the tail end of Ron Joyce’s yahct

20) Halifax harbour and the ferry to Dartmouth

21) Robert LePage’s great installation – The Wall

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5 Responses to Quebec City/Halifax

  1. It looks absolutely beautiful…i dont know..I use to hate traveling and vacations because of how tired I usually get from itbut your posts make me want to see the world.=(

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    “Shining” like hotel corridor, how fitting!! Good trip overall, hopefully, I’ll visit someday!!

  3. ElusiveWords says:

    I haven’t been to Quebec City in a few years. Gotta go again soon! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    very pretty! i really do need to make a trip up to canada… it isn’t very far away. i shall have to bug my bf to get his passport this summer.

  5. Fatcat723 says:

    I happen to love the beautiful old hotels! They have a spirit about them that is not yet present in our new and sterile hotel/motels.

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