Blee Thanksgiving sans the huckleberry dessert

1) the food is laid out – bottom to top: parley chive mashed potatoes; cranberry wild rice stuffing; turkey; squash, green beans and cipollini onions roasted with a wonderful glaze (missing was roasted yam with a wonderful horseradish maple syrup glaze … it had a real kick

It has become a tradition that Blee hosts a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner at her place each year and G and I were delighted to partake in the fabulous feeding frenzy again this year. Blee is an architect by trade, but could easily get by as a chef in a top restaurant; she’s a real foodie and can cook like a pro.

We did bugger this invite up a wee bit by first promising to bring a homemade cherry pie. We made fresh cherry pie filling back in July and froze it for such an occasion but we’ve been so busy, there was no time to make it. I then told Blee there’d be no pie but that I had fresh huckleberries from our food share and would make a huckleberry dessert to bring instead. I did – in fact – make the huckleberry dessert, which ended up being more of a coulis than the mousse I was expecting … and then promptly forgot it in the fridge when we headed down to Blee’s place!  Me bad!

… thankfully I did remember the unoaked Chardonnay and a four-pack of Strongbow.

I’ll post about the huckleberries, which are a member of the nightshade family, and a fairly uncommon berry used these days, later this week.

2 & 3) the moment of truth … revealing Tom the Turkey, which Blee brined to give it extra-crispy skin and moist interior

4 & 5) that place called Cityplace, the harbourfront home of Blee on a beautiful October evening

6) mmmmmmm; 7) his and her wine options were capped off with ginger syrup champagne and ice wine

8) celeriac soup with mushrooms … this was fabulous!; 9) turkey, turkey, turkey

10) roasted veggies were amazing; 11) Blee’s homemade apple pie … perfection!

Joining us for dinner were Cousin Richard and the wonderful husband/wife duo of Mimi and Jim.

12) Mimi and Cousin Richard dig in; 13) Mimi and Blee clean up while the guys – gay and straight – sit and chat … us bad!

14) Blee, moi, Mimi, Cousin Richard and Jim at night’s end

Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses to Blee Thanksgiving sans the huckleberry dessert

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Nice looking turkey…lots of meat!!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving – looks like a great family feast!

  3. whonose says:

    Partake in a feeding frenzy? I’ll say!

  4. christao408 says:

    Looks like it was a wonderful T-day dinner!

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