Frank … and other sundry stuff

Today, we headed down to the Art Gallery of Ontario to try out the revamped restaurant run by Anne Yarymowich, now christened, Frank (after Frank Gehery, the architect who did the renovation). I chowed down on:

  • composition in red, yellow and green: roasted and pickled heirloom
    baby beets, toasted hazelnuts and Monforte unripened goat cheese,
    with Soiled Reputation wild arugula; and,
  • moules frites: BC gallo mussels and Savoury clams, steamed in white wine with fresh fennel, celery and garlic, served with frites and mayo.

The salad was excellent as were the mussels. The clams I could have done without but the steaming liquid was perfect. The frites are probably some of the best I’ve had in Toronto in some time: perfectly seasoned and totally on par with anything you’d get in Quebec or France. Bravo Anne!. Service is attentive and professional, if still somewhat challenged by the newness of the menu and team. Worth a visit for brunch I would say.

1) Inside Frank at the Art Gallery of Ontario

From Frank, we headed across to the Cannon Theatre for our second show in the Mirvish subscription this year: A Chorus Line.  This show was outstanding! Mirvish is two for two so far this year. Tomorrow is the last day to see A Chorus Line so if you’ve missed it, sucks to be you. You’ve missed a fantastic show and production.

Romeo and Juliet (1996)
Baz Luhrmann directed this 1996 version of the near 500
year-old classic by William Shakespeare. What first struck me about watching
this very stylistic version of the story set in Verona Beach
is just how timely it still is today. There remains, I am sure, star crossed
lovers in many countries separated by their cultural upbringings and parental
obligations and certainly urban gangs are as real today as in 1582. I loved
this version of the classic, though I know not everyone will. Baz Luhrmann
tends to be a director you hate or love passionately. I side firmly on with the
later. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Romeo and does a super job (DiCaprio seems to
be losing his ability to act the older he gets). Clare Danes stars as Juliet
and is a little shell-shocked taking on such a classic role to say nothing of
mastering Elizabethan English. All is saved by however by Luhrmann’s
amazing vision for this film – I loved the scene where Romeo and Juliet
first meet 
between the aquarium – and Pete Postlethwaite as Father Laurence. My
rating 8 out of 10.


Prostrate Cancer Research
Finally, a shout out to Cousin Richard who – even while asian – has spent this entire month growing a moustache to support the Movenber – a fundraiser for prostrate cancer awareness and research. As you probably know, my papa is a prostrate cancer survivor and I’m more than happy to support anyone or anything that continues to work find advances for men challenged by prostrate cancer in Canada. Way to go Cousin Richard! … now shave that blessed Hilteresque ‘stache off please!

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3 Responses to Frank … and other sundry stuff

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    I can’t wait to check out the AGO during my Christmas break.

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    ah, frank gehry… yes, we have him to thank for the disney concert hall in l.a. that had to get all its nice shiny surfaces ground down to a dull gleam; they were originally so mirrored that they were reflecting too much sunlight and were actually heating up areas of the city by quite a few degrees! yes, that frank gehry… hahaha.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    I have seen the movie and did enjoy it also. Looks like you are blessed with another good restaurant!!

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