Oh, Neil ….


My mom is Neil Diamond’s biggest fan in the world.

I know there are many women who probably claim that, but my mom is the Mother of all Neil Diamond fans. With thanks to Tracie and Neil’s own production folks, I found myself with free tickets to his concert at the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night.

I rang my mom but she was actually in a fashion show on Wednesday night. Yes, my mom still models at XX [age removed to protect myself] … is that hot or what?! Sadly, she couldn’t make the trip to Toronto for the concert. G was not interested in going but when I was casually chatting to Lady Sarah on Saturday morning, she was like head-over-heels excited about going.

Apparently, Lady Sarah is Neil Diamond’s second biggest fan in the world.

We met up at the Royal York for drinks beforehand and headed to the show, which, I must admit, was thoroughly entertaining and fun. Way to go Neil! He can still sing and strut and rock at 67 … and he’s an Aquarian like me. Bonus points for him!


… and here’s Neil doing his crowd interaction sing-a-long song … and yes, that’s Lady Sarah singing in the background.

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2 Responses to Oh, Neil ….

  1. Anonymous says:

    lucky indeed.. back on monday.. i can’t wait to cook.

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    Sweet Caroline…hmm…hmmm….lucky you got free tickets!!

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