Bowling and hitting the Olympic jackpot

Nat'l & Prov Prgms Holiday Pic
Bowling 101 (l-r) back row: Sue, Donna, Marc, Laura; front row: Antonia, the devastating handsome (and humble) me, Erin

Last Thursday, Donna took our small senior National team out for bowling! Yes, bowling! Like I know anything about bowling! It was unbelievably fun and we all enjoyed a few – what are they called – rounds or something on Donna followed by a fabulous dinner on the company at Mongolian Grill. Great fun!

… and speaking of bowling, let’s segway to the Olympics; specifically the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.


Months ago now, G and I added our names to the lottery assigning tickets to Canadians interested in attending the Winter Games in February next year. Well, two weeks ago, a little email pops into my box advising me I received some tickets! Woohoo! What does a $1000 buy you ticket-wise?…. Well, two tickets to:

  • the men’s short program figure skating final;
  • a series of short-track men’s speed skating;
  • a Vancouver Victory celebration (where they hand out the medals); and,
  • the ladies super combined downhill skiing at Whistler.

Blee hit the Olympic jackpot, so to speak, and landed tickets to both the opening and closing ceremonies as well as 3 events. She must have spent $4K easy.

The adventure is now finding accommodations in Vancouver in February 2010. Okay, xangans, who has room at the inn?

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5 Responses to Bowling and hitting the Olympic jackpot

  1. tomatoboi says:

    I would really love to go to either the opening or the closing ceremony (or both) but I don’t have that kind of money to spend…. =(

  2. vsan79 says:

    merry christmas

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Good looking team there! Good luck finding a room that cost less than the tickets!!! Merry Christmas!

  4. ElusiveWords says:

    Nice! I hope you’re able to find accommodations at reasonable prices. Merry Ho Ho as well!

  5. Anonymous says:

    mongogrill eh! the chefs with long chopsticks cooking your food??

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