Christmas … done

I had a quick chat with G this afternoon in Los Angeles. He is having a great time eating his way through the City and has tried Kerry Simon’s restaurant with its famous dessert platter and Gordon Ramsey London West Hollywood, which he said was fabulous with service that rivaled our dinner at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago several years ago.  He is off today to Cabo San Lucas (sigh).

I have returned from a very quick holiday jaunt to London to spend time with the family. As always Christmas was amazing.

1) the livingroom at Riverside looking all Christmassy with mom’s decorations

2) nephew E deals out the cards for one of our games of “may i”; 3) my niece, the modelesque P, gives her darnest Top Model stare … and even in that, gosh, she’s stunning

4) papa at Christmas eve dinner; 5) my grandmother, Nanny, looking fabulous and fit as always … at 97 years young! … gosh we age well our family!

6) Chloe relaxes on a chair; 7) Nanny and I – can you believe she is 97?!

8) my gorgeous sister and her husband mulling something post-Christmas Eve dinner

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3 Responses to Christmas … done

  1. I really love your Holiday Tree :]. Hopefully it wasn’t that expensive to keep that tree lit so brightly. Does your dad live with your grandma now?

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    You Granny ages well indeed! And your Christmas tree is so bright!!

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Lovely family. They all seem to pose nicely for the photos! Happy New Year – shortly!

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