The Princess Patter Dinner

To celebrate the foodie paradise that is Princess Cruises (note: food only; the rest leaves something to be desired), we hosted Blee and Cousin Richard last night for a special Sunday night Princess Patter Dinner, featuring three courses found on the ship, including:

  • caramelized onion and bacon tart, with fried leek and Balsamic-Port reduction;
  • dry-aged filet steak with dried pepper and whiskey marinade, hominy and cheddar pudding with asparagus;
  • honey, Drambuie and coconut parfait with papaya sauce

FYI: the Princess Patter is the daily newsletter you receive while cruising.

On the whole, dinner was good, however; we were challenged by a couple things. First, the balsamic-port reduction was fabulous but we let it cool then, stupidly, reheated it using the microwave which – of course – changed its consistency into a taffy-like substance which we could use as a sugar sculpture in the future. Funny how a mistake in one area can birth a new idea in another. The steaks were just okay, I found the combination of a cup of dried chilies and the whiskey did not enhance the meat. And I must remember to chill the dessert plates – blame the wine! – before serving so the parfaits (which I adored) hold form a little longer.

With that said, onto the meal and drinking and silliness the results from this.

The Tart

1) the excellent pate brisee Blee made; 2) the tart filling goes in

3) the port-balsamic pearl onions; 4) the caramelised onion topper

5) G works his wonder with the deep-fried leeks; 6) voila!

7) the final result … excellent and we’d be making this one again

The Steak and Hominy Pudding

8) the chilli and garlic and whiskey marinates the steaks; 9) out they come

10) hominy; 11) hominy kernels … think corn nuts dried with lye

12) butter, hominy, cheese, and corn kernels; 13) cooked till like cottage cheese

14) add in some egg whites and then bake; 15) hominy pudding!

16) the result turned out on a plate … we decided to serve in ramekins next time as it’s prettier

17) the whole thing put together with a very, very spicy (taste-wise) whiskey, demi-glace sauce

The Parfait

18) sigh, lovely and so, so, so light and airy

The Sundry Silliness

19 & 20) our guests of honour; 21) the table is set

22 & 23) Cousin Richard gets up close and personal with our giant apple

24) G and Blee prep the ramekins; 25) Canadian Club was opened so, naturally, Manhattans were the result

26) mammoth glasses of red wine – cheers!

27 & 28) Cousin Richard goes down the hatch

29) watched steaks do not broil any quicker, we’re told; 30) what’s with the glasses of wine?

31) moi spooning Blee … there’s a story here about making pate brisee, HONEST!

32) Cousin Richard’s squirrel knife rest is suddenly 33) attacked by G’s wolf

34) and some, er, well, um … you get the picture ensued

Finally, here’s me waxing profoundly about how to prepare asparagus.

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5 Responses to The Princess Patter Dinner

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, that looks delicious, as always!

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    We are waiting for Brent’s (+G’s) cooking show on YouTube!

  3. Anonymous says:

    im so hungry nowhaha

  4. ElusiveWords says:

    You folks need to put on a cooking show.

  5. Fatcat723 says:

    The food and wince look excellent. I am not take a Cruise. I guess I need give it a try – but not Princess.

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