N45 is an evil, evil number in Bingo

1) the evil number the Jodie popped into the Bingo spinner

We hosted yet another party this past weekend to celebrate my birthday. I chose a BINGO theme this year and decided to have a twist into the adventure by having a number act as a game within the game: that number ended up being N45. 

2) Jodie F was on hand to choose the dreadful number

On Friday night Blee offered to make me birthday cupcakes and headed up to our place to bake. Yummy!

3) Blee gets baking; 4) while G dances

5 & 6) cupcake heaven!

Before the partying started, G treated me to lunch on Saturday at Pangaea Restaurant on Avenue Road. On the menu was:


  • Sweet potato and cardamom with a whiskey and apple cider foam (me)
  • Lamb Sausages Grilled, on a fig and Stilton risotto, orange and Port reduction (G)


  • Berkshire Pork Loin, whole roasted, with lemon and herbs, braised pearl onions, maple brussel sprouts, rosemary scented pan-juices (me)
  • Duck Confit on apple braised Napa cabbage, sautéed mushrooms and duck jus (G)


  • Roasted Cinnamon Panna Cotta with apple, raisins, caramel and crème anglaise (G)
  • Dark Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse with Madjool date, tear of truffled honey on an almond Génoise Cake, with crisp cocoa wafer and a cranberry orange compote (Me)

7) Pangaea looking inside, out; 8) inside a restaurant we had to our own

9) G shops at The Bay with basket in tow before lunch; 10) me hanging out at Pangaea

11) G’s duck; 12) my pork

13) my dessert; 14) G’s dessert

Jodie F and Blee helped us prep for the guests on Saturday night. Jodie found herself in love with the merigue butter icing for the cupcakes and realized it was good to the last drop, even sucking out the last remnants in the icing bag spout.

We also prepared the blinis for the caviar, finished off the cupcakes and laid out the bar for the action, including an ice display G made to house the vodka.

15 & 16) Jodie knows how to blow

17) .. and suck; 18) the blinis

19) Blee reaches for her purse; 20) Bucky guards some of the food

And so the games began. We played 13 games and I prizes for each game. The twist, of course, was that damn N45. Every time N45 was called, anyone who had the number on their board had to face the “Special Bingo Spinner” (which was a morphed 1966 Twister Game spinner).

If you stopped on Green (you were spared); if you stopped on Blue (you had to do a vodka shot); if you stopped on Yellow (you had to do a tequila shot); and if you stopped on Red (you got to “pick your poison”).

21) the greeting; 22) the games we played

23 & 24) into the games we went

25) Gracie caught in the act of bingoing; 26) Blee stands as she has one number left

27) champagne, glorious champagne; 28) Gaston, our pet dog, coughed up a fur ball

29) the caviar goes out; 30) caviar on a blini

31) I open another bottle of champagne; 32) Cousin Richard celebrates a win

33) the game board … everyone had a chance to call a game

34) the dreaded Spinner gets spun again; 35) Blee downs a tequila

36) the vodka on G’s gorgeous ice display; 37) Suzie and Brian celebrate Suzie’s won

38) Jodie displays her prize, two Burberry luggage tags; 39) more caviar yummies on a cracker this time

40) Blee’s a winner!; 41) I huff and I puff

42) G gets catlike; 43) Suzie and Brian confer on a possible Lucky 7 win

44) the clock as we crawled into bed on Saturday morning; 45) the clock as I climbed out of bed on Sunday afternoon

A shout-out goes to everyone who attended … thanks for making it such a blast! I had a ton of fun, and, yes, a ton too much to drink!

A shout-out too to our neighbour, Sue, who, at 1:30am came knocking on our condo door with two girlfriends and a bottle of wine … and so the party kept going! This was the first time we met our new neighbour and drinking wine and doing vodka shots at 3:00am is a pretty interesting way to get to know someone.

Next year, it going to be bridge and prune juice for me!

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7 Responses to N45 is an evil, evil number in Bingo

  1. vsan79 says:

    Looks like you guys have a great party.

  2. agmhkg says:

    I just love those cup cakes…and a Happy B……B-day!

  3. YNOTswim says:

    happy new year!

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! happy belated b-day! yay, aquarians!

  5. CurryPuffy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Brent! Gourmet meals…happy friends gatherings…champagne + cavier…multiple cupcakes…that sounds like a fun weekend!

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Well Happy Birthday!! I am sure the little old ladies would love your special bingo games.

  7. christao408 says:

    Well a belated but hearty happy birthday to you.  Best wishes for the year to come!  Looks like you celebrated it in fine style, as always.

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