Buddha Dog

1) Buddha Dog doggies

On a chilly Sunday for Toronto in May, G, Blee, Cousin Richard and I ventured all the way to the wilds of Roncesvalles Ave to try Buddha Dog. We became privy to this establish with thanks to my cousin, Scott, who actually works there in between being a rock star and journalist (no, really, he is). That’s him in the blue shirt preparing our lunch! – thanks Scott!

Buddha Dog takes the premise of hot dogs and Zen’s it by reducing the dogs down to four inches – sourced up in Prince Edward County – and adding a choice of many condiments and cheese. I thought the buns were yummy though Cousin Richard was just so-so on them. The place is very open concept with a great ‘feel’ that includes all sorts of kids games. We chose a Frog Game that none of us could fathom; the instructions where missing and I think you need the mind of a three year old to understand it.  

2) the menu; 3) Cousin Scott preps my meal

4) the unfathomable Froggie Game; 5) … we ate instead

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5 Responses to Buddha Dog

  1. upandoutward says:

    Jealous of your culinary prowess. One day, I’ll have time to learn how to properly “poach”.. woot woot!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I think I might omit the hot dog! I went on a tour of a meat factory when in high school. Have not eaten a hot dog since. Now homemade sausages – you bet!!

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    There’s a sausage place in LA similar to the one above, I have yet to try. But the froggie game makes Buddha Dog more interesting!

  4. ElusiveWords says:

    I will have to check this place out sometime.

  5. christao408 says:

    Hmm… those sausages look mighty small.  I thought the point of a good hot dog shop was the quality of the meats.  The bun looks like it overwhelms the sausage!

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