… to the Island

1) Toronto is so pretty from the Island

Last Thursday I visited my dear friend, Diana, for a bit of business and our annual lunch and tour of Toronto Islands. Diana is the major-duomo on the Islands and is responsible for all its on-site programs including the responsibility of liaisoning with Ward Island residents, which is no small task as the 700-odd souls who live year round on the island are an interesting, artsy, firey, independent bunch.

Travelling the islands with her one gets the VIP treatment including the chaffeured comfort of her personal golf cart. We toured, we chatted business and we had lunch at The Rectory. It was all just, well, splendid.

2) we took the Hanlan’s Island ferry as the golf cart is not allowed on the Centre or Ward’s Island ferries; 3) moi and Diana in the golf cart

4) Diana head back for more flowers

5) my favourite flower: irises

6 & 7) lunch at the Rectory

8) more gorgeous flowers


9) looking down to the Cherry Street Spit from the Rectory

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3 Responses to … to the Island

  1. lcfu says:

    wow.. toronto is great …. i wanna go there

  2. ElusiveWords says:

    Time for me to revisit the islands again.

  3. christao408 says:

    Looks like a nice summery day!

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