The Dons

On Friday night, the Dons arrived around 9pm for drinks.

Kevin and Mikey are two of my former employees from my days in Pebbly Creek. We have a history that includes great times with WestJet Sue, Gracie, T, et al; the swamping adventure; the Point Peele bird watching fiasco (with Mikey’s backpack full of beer); hikes and camping; and – as former national lifeguards all – the epic guard comp adventure in London (not to mention the after party, with thanks to my sister). And both have me to thank for my kindness and their jobs when the mythical beer bottle was found by WestJet Sue in the pool locker: you’re welcome lads.

Kevin and I have a richer history together that includes far too much drinking at my place in Milton far too late into the night, an appreciation for the LP (that’s long play album), the waterbed, and touring Villefranche sur Mer and Paris with my mom.

The Dons is a reference to Mikey’s Italian upbringing (think Godfather) and the fact each is the other’s godparent for their children. The night was warm and we managed to hang out on the balcony with a case of the beverage de jour from the ‘old days’ – Rickards Red, and a couple of bottles of wine.

Pizza was ordered around midnight and the lads, talked to near exhaustion, headed back home around 2AM. Good fun!

1) Mikey, moi and Kevin; 2) um….

3) the pizza; 4) the damage

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3 Responses to The Dons

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    Pizza and beer – love it!

  2. upandoutward says:

    Where’d you get the pizza?

  3. christao408 says:

    Looks like a fun time!  Now, did you buy the cardboard boxes so that your homemade pizzas would look like they were from a shop?

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