Quintessentially Canadian

What could be more quintessentially Canadian than curling? It is truly our most national sport – lacrosse and hockey aside. Today, I took my National team out curling as part of a holiday celebration that included a ‘Colours” session, gift exchange, and post-curling drinks and munchies.

Myself, Donna and Gail are so fortunate to have such a brilliant team of professionals working for us. They are a fascinating international team made up of Canadians, Frenchmen, Hungarians and Brits and it was great to be able to share an afternoon together celebrating the holidays and providing them with a wee perk for all their hard work this year.

1) and so it begins;. 2) go Toni

3) our teams take over sheets E and F; 4) go Skip K

5) Donna takes the rock; 6) our executive assistant, the wonderful Frenchman Marc, delivers his shot

5) Abbey rocks again!; 6) the top dog, Gail, tries her hand at delivering a rock as Abbey looks on

7) raise your hand if you think you’re now a curling addict!

For the record my team of Regina, Mhairi and myself won 5-2. Woohoo!

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3 Responses to Quintessentially Canadian

  1. christao408 says:

    During the last winter olympics curling kind of gained a bit of fashion but then it went back into the shadows.  Thank goodness another olympiad is coming soon.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I tried some curling when visiting in Canada. I really enjoyed it – once I learned not to fall on my butt lol.

  3. ElusiveWords says:

    It looks like you guys had a lot of fun – better than just sitting in the office and having sweets.

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