Canada Blooms

1) Mimi and Blee admire the orchids … I spent lots of time admiring the orchids as I’m an orchid-addict

So the reality is, it’s mid-March and that means NCAA March Madness College Basketball watching and I have been glued to the television essentially from 12noon-12midnight since Thursday watching games non-stop.

I did manage to drag myself away for a couple hours early on Saturday morning however when I joined Blee and Mimi on a visit to smell the flowers at Canada Blooms. Toronto has been in the grip of GOREGOUS weather for March the past week – with highs near 18C so it was good to get out and see what spring has in store.

2) this arrangement was about the size of a thimble; 3) more orchids

4) the winner in the jade species category; 5) another orchid

6) these arrangements were taller than me! … around 185cm … but I thought none were pretty; 7) tulips

8) my favourite flower: the iris

9) Mimi decides on organic seeds; 10) if the slipper fits … this pair is made completely of roses

11 & 12) some of the larger arrangements at the show

13) Canadian Cancer Society installation was a wall of daffodils

14) yes, more orchids; 15) a view from the top of the CCS installation

16) Spring arrived yesterday here at 1:32pm

See you again when I surface from the couch when the Final Four ends in April.

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2 Responses to Canada Blooms

  1. christao408 says:

    Those flowers must really make the ache for spring even stronger!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful blooms! I am watching basketball too. Loved the upset game the other night. #1 is gone. Sort of opens it up a little more.

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