Le Scandinave

1) Trillium Westin House


The Easter break saw G and I heading the 2 hours north to Collingwood and the Village of Blue in Blue Mountain for a (sigh) wonderful getaway.

We stayed at the Westin Trillium House Resort. The break was made even better by weather that was simply outrageous for the first days of April in Ontario. On Friday, the temperature at Blue was 29°C. Needless to say, folks were mobbing the pool and the skiers (and yes there was still snow on the hills) were out in t-shirts and shorts skiing.

Truly bizarre but truly welcomed. On Saturday the temperature soared back up to 27°C and while Sunday cooled down to 23°C … who the hell was complaining!

2 & 3) we had a one-bedroom suite with kitchen at the Westin

4) and the management welcomed us with strawberries and a bottle of EXCELLENT Terra Serena prosecco; 5) the bedroom

6) the view of the pool from our balcony; 7) G takes a stroll along the boardwalk

8) we breakfasted at Oliver & Bonacini’s Cafe Grill at the resort; 9) the sun rises

10) looking across to the Village

11) Easter sleigh rides (on wheels); 12) for the Final Four we ordered in Wild Wing (but of course) – here, GarPar wings

13) here, Spicy Lemon; 14) here, Buffalo Butter medium

15) a beautiful day starts … looking way over to Georgian Bay even

16) Blee hunts in our room for hidden Easter eggs; 17) off to Le Scandinave for a day of spa-ing and a massage and romps in the many hot (very hot) and cold (very cold) pools

18) the entrance way is over a gully; 19) shssss be quiet … spa-ing in action

20) the grounds looking up towards the Village of Blue and Blue Mountain slopes; 21) the baths

22) more of the baths … it was a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday

23 & 24) see, skiers in shorts … gotta love it!

25 & 26) meanwhile in the Village, G browses the shops

27) do you see the red-winged blackbird? …

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4 Responses to Le Scandinave

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Now that is some place that goes on my to visit list!

  2. ElusiveWords says:

    You guys picked a perfect weekend to head up there.

  3. christao408 says:

    What a beautiful resort area. I’ll have to keep that in mind as a future getaway on one of our trips to North America.

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    Nice little recreation village. You really have to magnify much larger in order to see that blackbird!

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