Fabulous Foodie Weekend

  We spent the long weekend cooking several dishes that included:

  • Lobster egg Benedict;
  • Summer pea and spinach soup;
  • Muscovy duck salad;
  • Apple pie;
  • Cherry pie;
  • Black bean and guacamole dip;
  • Homemade pizzas; and,
  • Red pacific snapper with a fabulous salsa.

My parents were also in town from London and we had a hoot trying to organize a single family photo! Happy Anniversary kids!

1) Lobster egg Benedict with homemade hollandaise (bugger Rob Feenie!)

2 & 3) trying to get the right shot

4) not quite

5) THERE it is!  
6 & 7) the duck before and after cooking

8) I did a simple salad of arugula, endive and radicchio; 9) slicing the duck 

  10) mmmm … served with a blackberry vinaigrette, chevre, Fuji apple and walnuts (I should have diced the apple smaller me thinks)
11) the red pacific snapper with essentially a Santa Cruz-style salsa; 12) G’s yummy black bean and guacamole dip

 13) puree the peas (and a bit of spinach); 14) pass through a fine mesh sieve

15) heat with some stock and puree again; 16) serve with mint and creme fraiche (or in our case: Dijon mustard ice cream)

17) G’s wee 6-inch pies; 18) more of the lobster

19) G prepares the toppings for our pizzas (potato, red onion, olive oil and herbs; 20) oven roasted tomato and buffalo mozzarella

21 & 22) G works the pizza dough he made

23) preparing the tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil pizza; 24) fabulously fresh from the oven

25) the white pizza with potato, red onion and herbs fresh from the oven

26 & 27) here are the pizzas side by each
28) apple pie foreground; cherry pie background

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5 Responses to Fabulous Foodie Weekend

  1. vsan79 says:

    As always your food always looks good.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Excellent menu photos and family too. I go to the food first as usual. I am too lazy to make such dishes.

  3. Made2Order says:

    nice job on the duck.

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    I like the way you cook the duck breast, much better than the typical Chinese roast duck! I somehow noticed that you resemble your dad more than your mommy! ^0^

  5. christao408 says:

    The family photo turned out wonderfully, as did the food.  I’ve been making potato pizza a lot lately.  Very tasty alternative to the tomato based norm.

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