That’s it, I’m Out of Here!

Currently in Asia; will return next year.

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There was lots of humming and hawing about which countries to visit.  The Maldives was very high on the list for the longest time – the W Maldives is a draw – but flights didn’t work out well enough and I figured it’d best to combine this with a trip to Dubai and India instead.
Thailand and the Philippines were both knocked off the list from the get-go as I’ve sadly no interest in visiting.  Indonesia made the list but will wait until after the rainy season. Vietnam – oh, the food! – remains a key and crucial stopping point (Cousin Ora is there as I type this) but it shall have to wait till the next journey.  Taiwan remains on the list for food, food, food and I still might pay a surprise visit. And China, well, G’s been and been.

So, in the end – in no particular order – the following locales won my attention. 

Hong Kong
Will be through Hong Kong three times during the trip.


Again a couple stops here during the trip.


Sojourning a week on Datai Beach, Langkawi; and a couple days in Kuala Lampur.


To visit Angkor Wat but of course.


A dozen days in the best place in the world to be, Tokyo  … and a even a planned visit with the Emperor (sorry no photos).


There are, of course, several fabulous dinners booked for this trip including:

  • dinner at the 8-seat Tapas Molecular Bar in the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo;
  • dinner at Aronia de Takawaza, which Food & Wine Magazine rated as one of the World’s Top 10 Life-Changing Restaurants. I have been corresponding with Chef Takawaza’s wife, Akiko, since February this year to secure a reservation at this 4-seat restaurant;
  • lunch at the 9-seat Asagi, the famed Japanese tempura restaurant in the Ginza;
  • dinner at the very French Brasserie Les Saveurs in Singapore;
  • late night desserts at Aqua in Hong Kong;
  • dinner at SkyBar in Kuala Lumpur as we gaze out onto the Petronas Towers;
  • lunch at the very French Tateru Yoshino Shiodome in Tokyo to experience a Japanese master do french cuisine and,
  • lunch at the famed New York Grill high atop the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

There are, of course, several adventuresome dinners booked as well, including:

If you’re hanging out in these areas and want to meet B&G live and in the flesh, email.

Otherwise, see you mid-January next year – Happy Holidays!

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3 Responses to That’s it, I’m Out of Here!

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    Awesome – have a great trip!

  2. agmhkg says:

    oh I just been to Maldives last month, really a nice place though I only stayed at the Club Med, anyway have a great trip and looking forward to your pics….

  3. No words can describe how jealous i am right now… sounds like the perfect holiday getaway. :]I’ve stayed at the Empire Hotel before… it’s pretty nice. And it’s right next to the hong kong underground train thing, so traveling anywhere is extremely convinent. I can’t wait until you post the places you will visit and the food you will eat. :D

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