Flying, flying, flying

1) I’m looking too happy to be leaving beautiful Siem Reap, Cambodia

As mentioned in the previous post G and I racked up some 35,000 kilometers of flying each. Blissfully, we were blessed to take all the long haul flights in business class. We flew economy on the short-haul flights and were – frankly – impressed with the level of service provided.

Kudos to Malaysian Airlines and Silk Air (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) for their outstanding economy flights from Singapore-Langkawi and Singapore-Siem Reap. These flights were fully booked and the crew still served a free hot meal and beverage service to everyone in economy class. Bravo! It is a shame the carriers in North America – Porter Air aside here in Toronto – cannot do the same.

We remain humbled by the level of service on Singapore Airlines. Personal introductions from the crew and use of our names throughout; champagne from arrival in the SilverKris Lounges to close of service on board; food that tasted – well – like real food. It is no wonder this airline consistently remains one of the best in the world.

We flew:

In Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, we coordinated limo service for airport pick-up and return. While pricey, yes, it is worth the cost imho.
Typically arriving in this fashion also gets you immediate in-room check-in at your destination hotel which is also pretty darn fine. The hotel has key staff lined up and awaiting you at the entrance as the car arrives. There are introductions, welcomes and handshakes and then you are discreetly escorted to your room for a personalized check-in. Your luggage arrives shortly afterward.

The service in Singapore – where the St Regis Singapore works with JetQuay – provides a VIP treatment service that is simply awesome, and second to none.

We were met at the aero-bridge upon arrival on both trips into Singapore by a JetQuay guest relations agent who promptly whisked us away in an electric buggy to the elite, dedicated Commercially Important People (CIP) Terminal. Once there a discrete black door slides open and before you sits a dedicated Immigration and Customs counter and Customs Officer just for you. We were dutifully issued our visas and relaxed in the lounge while the JetQuay team retrieved our luggage and brought it to the Bentley the St Regis arranged for our transport to the hotel.

2) being met by the JetQuay folks; 3) the CIP Terminal Lounge

4 & 5) the CIP Terminal Lounge

6) our Bentley arrives


7) I’m safely in as G shoots me; 8) on our way to the St Regis!

The whole thing is, like, to-die-for-over-the-top-pampering but hell, we’re worth it! 

Toronto-Hong Kong Flight

9) our Boeing 777 arrives

10) me in my executive first pod; 11) the amenity kit

12) Champagne and nuts to get us started; 13) a toilet with a view way up in the sky

14) G in his pod watching one of many movies

15) the appetizer is served

Hong Kong-Singapore

16 & 17) the SilverKris Lounge at HKG

18) SilverKris Lounge; 19) me ready to go … the mistletoe was a nice touch I thought

20) appetizer; 21) G’s main

22) my main; 23) dessert

24) cheese selection

Singapore-Langkawi (via Penang)

25) our Malaysian Airlines Boeing 737 arrives; 26) okay, we know we’re not in business class anymore!

27 & 28) still, a full hot meal is served to everyone

Kuala Lumpur-Singapore and Singapore-Siem Reap

29) our Air Asia plane is brought to the gate; 30) our Silk Air 737 readies for Siem Reap

Singapore-Hong Kong

31) me heading for champagne at the SilverKris Lounge, Changi

32) food anyone?

33) found the champagne; 34) looking out onto the terminal

35) our plane is readied; 36) onboard I found more champagne!

37) good to have room for my lanky legs again!; 38) we ordered Singapore Slings on board, of course

39) the appetizer

40) the main course – a turkey Xmas dinner with the trimmings – we took this flight on the day before Christmas

41) the cheese course

Hong Kong-Tokyo

42) our ANA plane awaits; 43) ANA uses the United Lounge at Hong Kong which was just okay (crummy food)

44) goodbye Hong Kong; 45) the business class cabin

46) the runway cam aboard ANA

47) totally decadent – individual bottles of Champagne … little did ANA know what Champagne whores G and I are!

48) yummy Japanese crackers

49 & 50) our main course arrives

51) good preparation for us for Tokyo

52 & 53)  more main course

54) high above Taiwan


55) want to go someplace?

56) changed to beer in the terrific ANA Lounge at NRT, which Air Canada utilizes; 57) complete with its own noodle bar

58) noodle bar soup; 59) the ANA Lounge also has a sake bar

60) yes, we sat and tried some sake; 61) the ANA Lounge

62) G’s Japanese appetizer was impressive but was disappointing in taste

63) my appetizer was excellent; 64) the standard Air Canada executive first salad

65) my main course rocked – the chicken was great and that buttery sauce delicious

66) G’s main was a teriyaki something-or-other … I think I won in the food category; 67) out comes the cheese before a good 6-hour lie-flat sleep

68) finally a video of G relishing his champagne and space on our flight Singapore-Hong Kong

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  1. rrozz says:

    Breathtaking. Truly amazing. Great photos!

  2. ElusiveWords says:

    I can’t seem to get the videos to play – I’m not sure why. You folks sure know how to travel in fine style.

  3. stevew918 says:

    Wow, you are so “spoiled” with the luxury of flying and having limo pickup.  I used to fly business class when I was working for corporation,. Now being a consultant on my own, I need to watch my budget and stuck in economy class. Envy, envy! 

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    What a way to travel!! The SilverKris Lounge in Changhi is quite spectacular indeed!

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