Langkawi – the sights, the sounds, the food

1) white tailed macaque on our balcony!

We really adored Langkawi and rented a car to tour the island – something easily accomplished in a day. 

We were fortunate to have the island’s pre-eminent naturalist – Irshad Morbarak – right at The Andaman and enjoyed a tour with him one morning.

We – despite the warnings – were victims of a white tailed macaque attack inside our suite. Yes, inside our suite. The crafty macaques actually managed to open the balcony door (granted, I did leave it a crack open) and ransaked our room – helping themselves to our fruit tray and even opened the minibar fridge door and cleared it out to the tune of US$36!

2) the warning is quite clear!; 3) the aftermath of the macaque attack in our suite

4) macaque on the prowl; 5) macaque paying us a visit

6) here s/he is less than 2 feet away from me

7) looks can be deceiving, you DO NOT want to provoke these animals

8) a video of the macaque right up close

We spent 5 glorious hours at Ishan Malaysian Spa in Pantai Cenang having our bodies massaged and scrubbed and wrapped in banana leaves. It was sheer heaven.

9) our wee car parked on a terribly precarious slope by the spa; 10) heading up to our couple’s retreat spa room

11) everywhere at the spa – flowers!; 12) a star lily

13) Ishan Spa – highly recommended!; 14) the view from the Sap out to Pulah Tepor

15) me in the spa tub

16) no durians were allowed in our rental car; 17) thankfully we didn’t see any of these

18 & 19) lunching in Pantai Cenang

20) friend rice; 21) fresh seafood arrives as we have lunch

We were blessed with an outrageous romantic dinner on the beach one evening – just G and I and one very capable waitress. We ate nobat style at the Datai House.

22) dinner at The Gulai House; 23) our table at the restaurant

24) our hands are washed upon arrival; 25) our appetizer: “Campur-Campur”

26) Ayam Makkani (aka Punjabi butter chicken with tomato cream gravy);  27) Aloo Gobi Masala

28) our very private dinner on the beach

29) the table set; 30) moi getting ready to eat

31) prawn appetizer; 32) lobster

33) diver scallop

34) our little bit of paradise

35) our drinks arrive

We took the Langkawi Cable Car to the Skybridge high in the Machinchang mountain range; hiked to Telaga Tujuh and Temurum Waterfalls.

36) waiting for the cable car; 37) up we go!

38) at the top looking out towards Kuah

39) G heads down to the Skybridge

40) G on the Skybridge

41) highly recommended – so cool!

42) looking out over the bay with the cable cars high above

43) me on the bridge

44 & 45) heading down to the waterfalls – it a very, very warm day!

46) moi at the falls

47) the quieter side of the falls

48) G is dwarfed by the falls

49) the falls live and with sound

50 & 51) Temurum Falls

52) this lad was trying to catch minnows at the base of the falls

53 & 54) we stopped for coconut on the way back to the car

55) curry at the beach restaurant; 56) chicken Caesar at the beach restaurant

57) cows hanging out right along the road way; 58) where you want to go?

59) these two boys rushed to greet me and practice their English

60) jasmine; 61) bohemia

62) touch-me-nots in action

63) ghost eyed monkey hanging out by our pool

64) turn your head sideways – sorry – and you’ll see the ghost eye monkey busy eating

65) a horn-bill visits our hotel

66) right after a downpour – the channel you’ll see on the right was pure white – with water – during the rain

67) bye-bye from Langkawi

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4 Responses to Langkawi – the sights, the sounds, the food

  1. agmhkg says:

    the macaque is not a wild life anymore after meeting all the tourists :P anyway a lovely trip indeed!

  2. christao408 says:

    That’s quite a few pieces of cutlery on your private dinner table! Thank goodness the macaque hadn’t learned how to swipe silverware and trade it for food!

  3. stevew918 says:

    I had a business meeting there a few years back. After reading your wonderful blog, I wished I spent a few days there after the meeting.  (Virtual recommendation as somehow Ithe rec icon did not work for me.)  The dinner was surely romantic, and the visit by the monkey would have disturbed me.  What if it came to the bed when I was sleeping? mmmm  I enjoy the bridge and the waterfall and the cute kid pictures, and of course the video.  I assume G took some of the videos?  Good job, G! 

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    Isn’t Langkawi fascinating? I went back for a second trip last May. It was all worth it!

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