Banff National Park

1) the view from the top of the gondola ride at Banff … the village of Banff is at the bottom

We’ve been enjoying time inside the spectacular scenery that is Banff National Park with stays at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Both are simply stunning properties and we’ll give a nod to Lake Louise for the scenery but definitely kudos to Banff for the service and hotel ambiance.

2 & 3) our lovely room overlooking the Bow River and Mt at Banff Springs Hotel

4 & 5) our welcome amenity from management – that’s elk meat to the left and the red stuff that looks like cheese cake is actually a berry cheese

6) the view from our room at Banff

7) we enjoy welcome our amenity before dinner; 8) me on the river down in the Village

9) the hotel even has a 5 pin bowling alley; 10) the inside ia all very Moorish Castle in style

11 & 12) a visit to Banff is not complete without a visit to the hot springs

13) sunrise from our room; 14) a zoomed look at the mountain peaks

15) we saw lots of wildlife on our travels – here is a mountain goat at the top of the gondola; 16) here is Alvin in the same spot … I don’t know where Theodore or Simon were

17) the hotel taken from the Banff Centre

18) we saw this black bear right on 1A driving from Banff to Lake Louise … people were actually out of their cars in amazement (and stupidity!) taking pictures … dumb, dumb, dumb; 19) our room at Lake Louise

20) this is the view from our room at Lake Louise

21) G and I paddled the lake in the afternoon; 22) so pretty

23) wow, we paddled a long way on the lake; 24) I SO miss dragonboating this summer!

25) we dinned in the Fairview Dinning Room; 26) where G had bison tartare

27)  for perspective, the water at Lake Louise is 3°C … cold as a witches tit … and yet this lass was in; 28) beautiful

29) the view from our room at 5:15AM

30) this is a real picture … I did not photoshop anything … the lake is that still and calm first thing in the morning … STUNNING!

31) this is a shot of the two voyageur canoes from above shown in the regular view from our room first thing in the morning

32) I know it actually looks like a backdrop but it ain’t … G was there sitting at the edge of the lake on the rocks

33) me and the lake at daybreak

Lake Louise while ridiculously expensive ought to be a visit for all Canadians. It is truly that breath-taking. It started a conversation between G and I – and then between papa and I – about where to visit in Canada if you had but one choice. The collective wisdom from our three minds is (in no particular order):
  • Lake Louise, Alberta
  • Ottawa on Canada Day
  • The Northern Lights (ironcially we were in Winnipeg a week ago and I picked up packages on visits to Churchill, Manitoba to do just this)
  • Quebec City, Quebec

We’re currently – finally – relaxing at home in Vancouver but wherever you are … happy travels!

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  1. Fatcat723 says:

    I am a loss for words to describe the scenery!!! Forget the great food and beautiful room – the scenery.

  2. stevew918 says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  I visited Toronto, Ottawa, Montrel and Quecbec last year, and going to visit, Vacuver next month.  After reading this blog, I need to make plans to visit Banff again some time.  You and G know how to enjoy life, NICE! 

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