Moonrise on Deep Cove

1) the moon rises on Deep Cove

On Saturday night last week, we joined friends for a sea kayak up at Deep Cove. It was a lovely night and we headed out on the water around 8PM and stayed out paddling till just past 11PM.

On Friday we went for a hike over at Lynn Canyon. Lynn Canyon is the lesser of the two suspension bridges in North Vancouver. Most folks head to the, granted, larger, crazily priced, tourist overrun Capilanio bridge. Locals visit Lynn because is it less hassled, free and along the hike, passes Twin Falls. And did I mention, free!

2) making it across; 3) lookiing down to the bottom of the canyon

4) the Douglas redwoods here are massive

5) G ventures across

6) it also has a distinct air of Lord of the Rings; 7) looking down on Twin Falls

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