Christmas in November

1) mom had Riverside decorated for Christmas for my arrival … so pretty!

On Thursday I flew to London to spend some downtime with family. Weather’s great for November … sunny and 12C today and I’ve just returned from the gardens and some raking of leaves.

2) the gardens looks tired in Fall; 3) Friday night mom made fish, ‘fish on fridays’ fish on a delicious bed of cauliflower tabbouleh

4) cheese for dessert; 5) the sitting room looks great

The girls – my mom, sister, niece and some dozen other female family members – are having a ‘girls weekend’ (read: spa and shopping) so it’s been a boys weekend for us which naturally means cards, darts, drinks, sports and pizza. Gotta love it!

6) Papa, nephew E and Butchie (for the record, Papa won); 7) thence onto darts (with no injuries to the dogs that kept wanting to roam behind the dart board!

8) Papa ordered in the pizza from the local mafia hangout, er, I mean, pizza joint

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3 Responses to Christmas in November

  1. christao408 says:

    “Local mafia hangout” Ha ha!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful tree and a good idea for early Christmas. Man’s Room And Night – grrrrr.The food looks excellent so we know who cooked it. But in the Man’s Room pizza of course.

  3. stevew918 says:

    Sounds like an enjoyable early Christmas. To me, mom’s cooking is better is pizza, hehe.

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