Disneyland for adults

Las Vegas is Disneyland for adults. You can slip away into both anonymity and silliness within moments of arriving. You can stay up late and see shows your parents might not necessarily approve of. Las Vegas is all shock and awe and reminds me of being eighteen again – hazy though such memories are these days, four decades on.

Neither G nor I are gamblers and everytime we visit Las Vegas, we do the same thing. On our last day, with about an hour to go before heading to the airport, we head to the casino. We drop $20 each into a slot machine and – usually within five minutes – exit the casino nine times out of 10, $20 poorer. I am happy to report on this trip, we exited $5 richer. Woohoo!

1) Luxor; 2) the amenities at Mandarin Oriental

3) at turndown each night the staff bring roses; 4) moi prior to heading out to dinner

5) G prepares to head out too; 6) the staff leave orchids as well

7) the Dale Chihuly museum

8) the lobby at the Mandarin – this wall greets you as you exit into the the 23rd floor lobby; 9) home

10) New York, New York; 11) the Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan

12) The Crystals Mall; 13) looking down the strip

14) Mastro’s Ocean Club restaurant at the Crystals; 15) I know this woman!

16) inside the Crystals Mall; 17) big balls at Aria

18) Happy New Year!; 19) G heads to shop in Crystals

20) the dancing fountain at Bellagio; 21) taking a refreshment break at the Coke Store

22 & 23) where you can try different types of Coke products from around the world

24 & 25) more Coke tastings

26) the Venetian; 27) waiting for the monorail 

28) ballooning

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5 Responses to Disneyland for adults

  1. tomatoboi says:

    Although Vegas did have a few things that were quite nice and suited my kind of travel, for the most part I didn’t like it very much. I’m not a gambler and I didn’t have the money to spend on shows, if I were given the option to come back again, I don’t think I would~@kunhuo42 – I took tours to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam which was great~ http://www.looktours.com/grand-canyon-skywalk-bus.html & http://www.looktours.com/hoover-dam-deluxe-tours.html

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I admit to spending hours at the Blackjack Table. I enjoyed the food and shows when there. PS. I did leave Vegas with more money that I brought with me. My traveling companions came back broke.

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    i’m not a huge gambler either… i can maybe spend an hour or two on the casino floor but then i’m done. but my partner and i will be in vegas this april (not the first time for either of us, but the first time being there together), and are open to suggestions of things to do!

  4. stevew918 says:

    I do not gamble either, and do enjoy Las Vegas to see shows and just relax and people watching, hehe. It is a change of routine. And it is a lot more fun to go with a friend. Glad G can come along. happy New Year.

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