Meyer Lemon

1) the finished pie – already half eaten!

Recently we discovered a bag of Meyer lemons at Osaka in North Vancouver and immediately jumped on them. They are delicious tasting – a hybrid cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. They are smaller than lemons – roughly the size of a lime – and thin and smooth skinned.

We used them here and there and with the ones left, I opted to make a Meyer lemon meringue pie. It turned out fine and yes I cheated by using a frozen pastry crust for the shell but hell, I’m busy so I’m not going to carry any guilt about it.

While I enjoyed the pie, I wouldn’t rush to make it again as I find the lemon custard to be just too sweet. Meyers are noticeably sweeter then lemons and probably a little less sugar would have made a difference, especially noting the meringue.

2) here are the Meyers; 3) juiced and peeled

4) the egg yolks and juice gets mixed with; 5) the lemon zest

6 & 7) cornstarch sugar and some water gets boiled till it becomes quite thick

8 & 9) then add in the egg/juice mixture and cook to finish the custard

10) pour this into your prepared pie crust; 11) and prepare your meringue

12) close to being ready; 13) dapple the meringue on top of the custard and then bake/broil to brown (or in my case, burn) the peaks

14) dig in!


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