Honolulu I

1) dawn on Waikiki from our room

We spent our first 4 days in Hawaii in Honolulu at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, which was more by fate then choice. It was the conference hotel and was where I was put up. The Hilton Hawaiian Village is a ‘resort’ and definitely has the resort feel with gobs of tourists – many Japanese – and all-in-all had the feel of a cruise ship to it rather than a hotel. It has resident penguins, macaws and flamingos, umpteen towers (I was told some 3000 rooms), seven pools all filled to capacity with wee ones, and a small ‘village’ of tourist shops and restaurants.

Honolulu struck me as any other large American city but in particular I was left with both a feel of a toned down Las Vegas, and, along the main shopping strip – Kalakaua Ave – a feel of Orchard Road in Singapore, though more casual.

We committed to an all sushi diet while in Honolulu and took up residence for meals at Kai-wa (excellent; an outpost of the Tokyo teppan restaurant with superb rolls) and would highly recommend it.

2) G strolls along Waikiki Beach; 3) the penguins at the Hilton

4) aburi tuna roll with spicy sesame sauce; 5) love the yellow rescue board on the fire trucks here

6) cucumber and seaweed salad (the bonito broth with this was stunning)

7) pumpkin and asparagus salad; 8) egg and green onion omelet

9) easily THE BEST hamachi I’ve ever eaten

10) Waikiki; 11) sunset at Waikiki

12) there she goes

13) dusk from our room

We’ve been joyously holed up at the St. Regis on Kaua’i since leaving Honolulu and will make our way back to Honolulu mid-week.



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4 Responses to Honolulu I

  1. stevew918 says:

    I had plans to go to Hawii during Christmas holidays. It surely is beautiful. I changed plans to go to Singapore this round because of mom’s request. Definitely Hawiinext year! Gorgeous

  2. Good food. Amazing scenery. Sounds like paradise.

  3. christao408 says:

    Good to get Honolulu recs as we will be there in May after attending a Maui wedding.

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    The scene take me back to my trip to the Islands. And the food -it was marvelous to say the least. I ma sure you found it the same.

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