Home again, home again

… and then just like that, here I am in Toronto eating my way about the city and wandering the old neighbourhood. The condo and its community all seem the same after a year’s absence.  Which is so very odd. Last night I dined at Earl’s with the great crew of Lady Sarah and her husband Philip; Mimi and her husband Jim; Blee; Cousin Richard and Laura. WIth thanks to Cousin Richard for the photos!


1) Mimi and moi last night

2) Jim & Cousin Richard; 3) Laura and moi

4) Lady Sarah, Philip, Laura, moi and Blee

Meanwhile, back in London the gardens at Riverside were beautiful as ever; Papa does such a good job with them.

5 & 6) the statutes

7 & 8) Papa at work

9 & 10) I fondle the new Canadian $100 bill, go on, try ripping it! … in addition to being transparent, it’s plastic. That’s former prime minster Sir Robert Borden on the front


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2 Responses to Home again, home again

  1. secade says:

    I couchsurfed in London once, many a year ago. It was a quiet and beautiful city/town. WHen I visited/stayed in Toronto, almost all of my money went straight to my thighs by means of chinese and indian food. Good god, I miss it.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    As usual lovely gathering. I do find the landscape shots to be peace and meditative. Plastic money – is that earth friendly?

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