1) Whistler is beautiful even in rain

Friends warned us about the rain.

We know friends who moved to Vancouver and returned east because of the rain, and then warned us again. Vancouverites complain ceaselessly about the rain. And, to be sure, it does rain here. A lot. I flew home last week from Toronto to be on hand as G was honoured by the Architectural Institute of BC; it rained that night. We’re just back from a short holiday at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler where our planned golf weekend was a wash-up due to rain. And it rained today as we walked down Cordova Street past Canada Place to catch the bus.

… yet, despite it, or because of it … (take your pick) …. I don’t mind the rain whatsoever.

I remain rather dumbstruck by Vancouverites who prattle on about the rain but maybe because I’m all too familiar with how dreadfully hot and humid (on the one hand) and how bitterly cold (on the other) living east of Saskatchewan can be.  Or maybe it’s the English in me? Or maybe it’s the sort of rain here? Rain in Vancouver is rarely teeming. More often it is a misty rain, gentle and fog-like, as though the clouds tired of fighting their way up the coastal mountain ranges have given up and descended on the city to rest awhile. Invariably, on any given day when it is ‘raining’ it clears by noon or 2pm and often you’re left awed by sunset that rain had existed at all – for there is no place more perfect and beautiful on earth than Vancouver on a sunny day. 

2) looking out from the Chateau – where’s the mountains?; 3) the lower runs are empty but up at the top, skiers still ski – even in late June

4 &5) G crosses to the Lower Village

 6) you’d almost think the place was deserted! Maybe we had it emptied out; 7) even the hotel – no one about

8) dessert!; 9) Happy Canada Day!


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3 Responses to Rain

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful place as usual and the rain adds to it.

  2. vsan79 says:

    happy canada day. Beautiful scenery

  3. secade says:

    I have friends from Seattle who claim they barely even notice when it’s raining- they’ll go running, biking, or even hiking regardless of the precipitation and grow agitated when someone chooses to avoid the outside because of rain. Weird west coast mentalities haha

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