1) Japanese Garden, Portland

After returning from adventures in Calgary on Thursday, we were immediately flying off to Portland on Friday for a long weekend to meetup with friends, Karen and Paul, who flew in from Chicago to meet us. This was essentially a foodie run. The last time I was in Portland was waaaay back in 1980 (or so) to visit family who lived in Coos Bay. We took up residence at The Nines, right downtown and instantly started chowing down. First up was a visit to Departure, the hotel’s Modern Asian-inspired rooftop restaurant. Portland is known, especially, for its eat local, eat sustainably take on food and kudos go to chef Gregory Gourdet for a fabulous meal. G and I both admitted the pork belly we ate here was probably the best damn pork belly we’ve ever eaten.

2) our hotel; 3) the living/dining room in our suite

4) more of the room; 5) our bedroom

6) G heads to the club lounge; 7) the bathroom

8) Departure; 9) the pork belly

10) the view from our suite; 11) looking down into the central lobby on the 8th floor

12) G and I head to dinner

On Saturday we ventured out to Portland’s Japanese Garden, which is purported to be the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan. We would concur. It’s a lovely spot set beside the International Test Rose Garden (Portland is known as the city of roses!).

13) the International Test Rose Garden; 14) G heads to the Japanese Garden


15) the zen garden; 16) the exhibit inside the pavilion


17) more flowers; 18) Karen and Paul heading to meet me


19) the Zen Garden


20) this is how they do the lines; 21) more of the zen garden


22) cranes; 23) a perfect place to reflect

We also made stops while in Portland at Voodoo Donuts (the lines, the lines!); the Saturday Market (open Sundays!); Pine Street Biscuts (OMG, so good – with a nod to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, which put this iconic place on the map); Deschutes Brewing (OMG, the beer!); the Roxy (the greasiest dive ever in the Pearl District; complete with our visit with transvestites); the Kells Irish (yes, more beer).


24) Voodoo Donuts; 25) inside the tiny shop


26) what do you want?…; 27) we opted for a box-full


28) maple bacon donut; 29) oreo, peanut butter donut

30) lemon chiffon and peanut donut; 31) baby voodoo donut (filled with raspberry)

32) beer a brewing at Deschutes; 33) we did samplers, of course

34) we had mac n cheese; 35) beers galore!

36 & 37) wandering through the market

38) the bar at Kells; 39) Pine Street Biscuits

40)  what you want? … 41) I ordered the McIsley

42) G ordered the “Reggie”; 43) me so happy


44) the pilot got permission to fly right over the crater of Mt St Helens on our way home (that’s Mt Adams in the background)


45) … oh, and there was shopping of course while in Portland … with NO tax!!!

Paul and Karen flew back to Vancouver with us and we continued the eating adventure here. On Thursday we headed up to Whistler for the day as Paul was keen to see the sites there. 

46) Karen & Paul in Squamish; 47) looking back at Howe Sound

48 & 49) there was lobster feasting at Earl’s in Whistler

50) Paul and Karen at International House of Ice Cream in Vancouver … decisions, decisions … they have 218 varieties available in house always!

I’ve since been to Saskatoon and back and am SO looking forward to the next two weeks of doing nothing in Vancouver before heading east again for stints in Toronto, Blue Mountain and then London.


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  1. Fatcat723 says:

    I would spend too much money there. The zen garden is a favorite of mine for meditation and centering. Followed by a walk in the woods and then food and food and shopping lolol.

  2. tomatoboi says:

    Love the crater shot! I’m gonna be heading to PDX for a day trip next month~

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