Hacienda Uayamon

1) Hacienda Uayamon

To recover from our adventures, we retreated for 3 nights to one of the Luxury Collection hotels, the stunning Hacienda Uayamon (pronounced Y-ah-men) located about 20 miles south of Campeche. This utterly unique hacienda has but 12 villas, that’s it. These twelve villas are served by an army of fine Mexican staff who maintain a stunning pool; a spa (with one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever had); grounds of utter beauty and a restaurant on par with many of the finest in North America. It is in every sense of the word, pampering, and should you ever have the opportunity to visit, do it!

Originally built in 1700, Hacienda Uayamon was a going concern at the turn of the last century when a local bigwig –  Rafael Carvalho Iturbide – ran the site as a farm, ranch and dye factory. Lovingly restored, the site has morphed the original buildings into the various components of the resort – the on-site hospital now houses 2 villas; the original mechanical room is the resort’s pool; a original chapel on site has remained ruin to great effect.

2) the entrance to the hacienda; 3) love the in-the-country tractor sign

4) the hallway that connected our room to the bathroom; 5) our bathroom

6) the massive tub; 7) the lovely bedroom area

8) our little hacienda, called Guarumbo; 9) our little patio that you accessed from the connecting hallway

10) the big beautiful acai tree at the entrance; 11) twilight settles on the pool

12) the (sigh) oh-so-beautiful pool which we had all to ourselves

13) gecko alert in our room; 14) the hospital, now converted to two haciendas

15 & 16) the ruins of the chapel

17) G heads to the main building walking past the spa (the red building on right); 18) the vast reflecting pool

19) standing at the entrance to the resort; 20) the old store rooms

21) wandering among the ruins; 22) another shot of the pool (I’m actually standing in the kiddie pool)

23) breakfasts were fabulous; 24) with a view out onto the entrance

25) G inspects for bats (there are many that live amid the ruins and they would fly out (usually as we sat down for dinner here each night)); 26) the greens are lovely

27 & 28) G heads home

29) detail at the pool; 30) detail in the old chapel

31) amid the ruins; 32) a birdie on the column at the pool

33) beautiful blue bird outside out hacienda; 34) dinner time on the patio (it was SO nice)


35) the old chimney; 36) creepy jesus in the old chapel

37) our hacienda (with the dirt cheap flowers we bought in town on Valentine’s Day; 38) the ruins again looking into the pool

39) me at the far end of the reflecting pool

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  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Decor is beautiful and the out of doors well wow!

  2. beowulf222 says:

    Wow. It truly does look stunning.

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